Have you ever feel uneasy or unsafe walking on a street, especially if you're at a foreign land? Well, if it's not you, I have. Besides wondering where could your next activities or destinations could be while you're traveling, I am pretty sure that safety is a priority that no one can deny. For me, before I step out of the hotel, I always make sure I had my belongings secured and check out the areas I am going in advance just to make sure I get a brief understanding of the area and also know where to get help if there's an emergency.

So, if you're wondering how you can travel safely without having to worry too much while you're exploring a city.

Here's how I did it and hopefully, it helps.

1. Don't Get Flashy

I have a mix feeling towards luxury items like designer bags, sparkling diamonds, and shiny golden necklaces. It is undeniable that they are beautiful and definitely able to enhance your status or beauty but, it can also put in those positions where wealth is being judged based on the accessories that you're wearing. It's a common instinct that luxury items are meant for wealthy people. In this case, you'll easily be the meat galore for the predators on the street.

Try to keep your items to yourself or just use to only on special occasion and you're sure that the area is safe. Don't dress up like a millionaire if you're going to a market, flashing your stacks of cash in a wallet when you're paying for your meal. You'll realize how much safer you'll feel if you stop doing that.

2. Look Up on Emergency Contacts

With the advanced technology on the internet, I am pretty sure that looking up for an emergency contact abroad is as easy as scooping for an ice-cream. Write down the contacts in a mini notebook or on your mobile where you can access and carry around easily. That way, you'll know exactly who to reach out for help if something goes wrong.

3. Learn The Common Scams

If you think you're smart, there are tonnes of people out there who are smarter than you expected. When a person is desperate, anything could happen. Many times, scams can be avoided if we have research in advance. If you knew the area you're heading is touristy, you should probably look up on the internet to check out some of the things that you should or shouldn't do. For example, if you're heading to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, you should probably know that the area is a high tuk-tuk scam area where you'll end up with a few hundred bucks being scammed for them bringing you around and left stranded at areas that you never ever heard of. So, it's always good to look ahead before it's too late.

4. Blend In

That's a reason why people say that you'll enjoy your holiday more if you're blended into the local community. Firstly, it's because you'll feel more comfortable conversing with a local and more acceptable of the local culture. But, the ultimate enjoyment is that you can shed off your skin, be engaged with the locals and you'll feel a lot safer to travel. When you dress like a local, behave like a local, you'll automatically lose the predators on the street whether or not it's pick-pocket or scams.

5. Insured Your Safety

It is always a brilliant idea to get yourself insured by a trusted insurance company before traveling. If unfortunate events happened, like your camera is stolen or your phone is missing, don't try to be a hero, try to search around the area that you're not even familiar with and ended up with an even worst situation than before. Getting yourself insured means you don't have to be worried about your lost belongings and you know that you'll always be insured for your loss.

6. Secure Your Valuables

Again, prevention is always better than cure. If you're in a hotel, always secure your valuables in a safe box. If you're skeptical of how safe could the safe box be, try to upgrade your security gears by getting an anti-snatch theft bag or a better lock to keep your belongings safe. If you're carrying a laptop or something that you couldn't afford to lose, you probably shouldn't leave a sight of your belongings. Eg, if you have to sleep in a train, hug your bag tightly with you so that you'll be awake instantly if someone touches you.

7. Mind Your Own Business

I am sure this is not a perfect suggestion but sometimes we just can't be too kind. If you see someone is fighting on the street, you should just call for the responsible authority to stop the fight instead of you giving yourself up to break the fight that you have no idea what happened. Honestly, you wouldn't be given a Hero title for breaking up a fight on a street, so why not just let the professional do it. To add on, it comes to my knowledge that these street fights is a show that is put on to trick you into being mugged.

8. Leave A Little Trust Behind

The reasons why trust issue is a thing that we need to look into know is because the world has brought us up to that stage of life where we have to think twice over what people say. Especially when you're traveling, never trust everything that a stranger tells you no matter how realistic and how touchy his or her stories could be. Most of the time, our feelings, and emotion the most vulnerable to be attacked. The next moment you realized you've already been scammed for whatever that they asked for.

9. Always Look Back Before You Leave

I wasn't sure if it's just me who has the habit to always look back to check the surrounding and also to ensure I didn't leave anything behind before I leave the place. I find it extremely helpful to always keep me reminded that bring home what I brought and it took this opportunity to glance over the environment to see if there are any suspicious person that I should look out for when I leave.

Image Credit: Free Image at pixabay.com

10. Learn The Language

You're probably wondering if I am a frequent traveler, I need to learn at least a hundred languages now to travel? What I am saying is that you should have a basic command of the language that is widely spoken by the country you're speaking and it's not necessary a lot. The basic greeting terms, direction asking and help signal should be a basic that everyone needs to have. By learning the languages, you're less likely to be targeted as a tourist and at the same time, you know how to ask for help during an emergency.

11. Smart To Choose What You Consume

While you're traveling, your health is your priority. Whatever that you put into your mouth counts. Always try to avoid those sketchy looking restaurant and opt for restaurants that are more famous and you see a lot of people who are queuing for it. Also, try to go for food which is fully cooked rather than raw as you might not have the stomach like the locals that are resistant to the bacteria.

12. Pay With Small Notes

If you have a $50 note and a $10 note for a bottle of water at a street vendor, always pay it with a small note. No matter how safe you think the area is, you don't know the person you're dealing with. Break up your small notes when you're in a mall or in a supermarket and separates those notes in different pockets or in a spare wallet. If unfortunately you're being picked pocket, at least you know that you won't bled out from one pocket.


Always have faith in yourself, you know that you'll encounter some bumps when you put yourself out to the world. The road is not always as smooth as you think it is. No matter how much you've prepared, there are always things that you can't avoid. However, if you're well-prepared for the worst, you don't need to worry about what lies ahead of you but to keep the stone rolling. Lastly, travel safe & have fun!


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