It shocked me for a while looking at the calendar, knowing that more than half of the year is already gone. Knowing that time passes quicker than we expected. Looking back, the half of the year you're probably working hard, spending day and night in the office, pouring out your heart and soul to make things work. Now, it's a perfect time for you to take a break from all these tiresome brain workouts, to relax and unwind the days that you've missed.

If you're wondering where is the best country to travel in Asia, here are some of the countries that you should look into.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

I am pretty sure the first thing that pops to your mind when someone mentions Cambodia is nonetheless the historical site, Angkor Wat. The largest temple and monument that standstills beyond the bygone years. Not only because of its magnificent looking outlook, Angkor Wat has been one of the greatest man-made construction that still puzzled the geologist and scientist of its mysterious foundation.

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In September, Cambodia is an ideal country to visit in general because it's the coolest month of the year. In this particular month, you'll travel most comfortably at an average temperature of 26°C due to the highest level of rainfall throughout the year. Instead of being the desert-like environment here in Cambodia, you'll be surprised how cooling to travel around the country and to be surrounded by lush greenery.

Since it's a rainy season, you'll get to explore Angkor Wat without the mountains of people and to take some good shots without people disrupting your perfect shot. Another point is during this rainy season, visiting the Tonle Sap Lake is highly recommended. Since the lake is usually dried up during the dry season, you'll get to see a different side of the lake when it's full. Take the chance to visit the floating village, explore their rural living and maybe to get yourself some nice handicrafts or a nice meal at a quaint floating restaurant.

However, if you're not a big fan of rain, you might want to skip this for other options.

Bali, Indonesia

Unlike any other countries in Asia, Bali has a way more unique weather comparing to the rest of Southern Asia. In Bali, the weather is cool and dry which is perfect for everyone to soak up the sun without the burning weather. With the constant cool breeze and perfect sunshine, you'll never want to leave Bali anytime sooner.

In September, Bali could be pretty packed with people due to the weather especially in busy places like Seminyak and Kuta area. However, if you want a relaxing holiday by just enjoying the peace sea breeze and the endless crashing wave, Nusa Dua is a perfect location for you to travel. Even though it's peak season, you'll be surprised to find cheap and amazing stays here in Bali.

Also, if you favor more on temples visiting, this is the best season to visit these places as people are swarming more on the beach rather than hopping from one temple to another. However, be sure to make your booking done ahead on a trusted website like Klook or Viator to avoid any chances of being over-charged by drivers that try to make a big slash on your wallet.


Singapore is a country that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Whether it's hot and humid outside or it's rainy, you can easily escape the weather with the indoor or shielded pathways throughout the city. In September, Singapore is commonly having a fairly good weather with sunshine without much rain that is perfect for day and night outdoor exploring.

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With such good weather here in Singapore, you'll definitely get to explore the endless thrill offered by this amazing city especially the skyscrapers and their greatest architectures like Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay and etc. Another good reason to visit this place is that the food is great and surprisingly cheap at hawker stalls. Comparing to the expensive accommodation, you can spend your whole day exploring and eating around Singapore and going home with a rounded tummy.


Seoul/Jeju Island, South Korea

After the heaty summer in South Korea, here comes the autumn where yellow-orange leaves paint the street colorful and thicker clothes are more often than summery thin clothing. In this month, there's a steep dwindle of temperature and do expect some rain throughout the month. However, as the month progress, the weather in South Korea is one of the best seasons to travel.

If you're a person who loves to shop, in this month, you'll find sales going on everywhere as the season starts to change. Cheap clothes can be seen everywhere on the street and be sure to bring extra cash for massive season sales throughout South Korea. However, the weather could be a little tricky in this month as the rain could be quite bothering to explore the city.

The best way to travel here to South Korea is to mark your calendar carefully and try to visit towards the end of September. Also, plan ahead for more indoor activities rather than outdoor exploring.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Throughout Malaysia, September is known to be one of the best months to travel to this beautiful country. Whether or not you're seeking for an escape to the beach, the city or to be lost in the lush greenery of Borneo, Malaysia definitely has a strong image in your heart. Despite the fact that it's a rainy month, in this month you'll experience more sunshine than rain. However, do avoid the following months as the downpours can be pretty intense.

Similar to Singapore, this neighboring country shares very similar characteristic from the modern architecture, culture, and lifestyle. You'll be even happier to know that this city is so much more wallet-friendly as accommodations are cheap and so does the food and spendings.

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Aside from the weather, Malaysia is known to be a favorite for many travelers and its known to be the cheapest city to have an accommodation for a luxury hotel in the world. Instead of breaking a bank for a night here in this modern city, you'll be surprised that the same hotel you're staying here is just a slash of a price you're paying anywhere else in the world. Also, the people here are friendly and helpful. Navigation is easy and transporting from one place to another is just a piece of cake due to amazing transportation.


Shanghai, China

If it's your first time to visit China, you might want to have a great start at the city that is easy to navigate. In September, you'll expect a little bit of rain here but it shouldn't be downpouring and it's usually just a short rain that is refreshing rather than bothering.

Unlike any other cities in China, Shanghai is more modern and is filled with skyscrapers that is so much different than the capital city of China, Beijing. Here in Shanghai, you'll be misunderstood at some point that you're in New York due to the modern buildings rather than the older and historic architectures flooding around Beijing like the Forbidden City.

However, the cost to visit Shanghai is slightly more expensive than in Beijing due to the cost of living but it should be a too big of an issue as the food and accommodation are still very cheap and affordable. Also, navigation in Shanghai is a lot easier thanks to the extensive public transports and the more organized tar ways.


There are alot of other options to visit in Asia, but here are some of my recommendations. Feel free to leave a comment down below for which country you think is best to travel in September.


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