I woke up from a crazy fantasy dream as if it was real. In fact, the dream was so real that I thought I was on my second unplanned holiday again. Those laughers, the thrills of exploring the hidden alleys and having a sip of freshly brewed coffee at a quaint cafe is what motivated me to write this article. It's funny how I am here convincing you to go on an unplanned holiday while I am busy giving everyone the advice on how to plan and make research ahead for your travel.

Frankly, in the back of my head, there's always a question buzzing me like “how secure it is to travel without planning ahead?”. Wondering if we'll get lost on a street or having the fear of being the next target of a thief if we venture into places that we have no clue about. But after a few tries, I definitely find myself enjoying it more than I expected.

Here are some reasons why you should start going on an unplanned holiday;

Less Complicated

First of all, an unplanned holiday is way less sophisticated. Being spontaneous and flexible on your schedule is perfect to create new adventures. Open up your mind to explore the unusual, getting out of your comfort zone to admire things that you never thought you would like.

I understand that some of you might struggle with the concept of spontaneity. It is killing them deep inside for not knowing where you’re heading, what to do or where to have dinner. However, sometimes these wonders is not necessarily a bad thing and it somehow brings more good than harm. Often, it helps you to unravel your hidden traveling talent or simply makes see and think differently from different perspectives. In another word, when you’re flexible, you’re more open-minded to accept change instead of stressing out to keep on track with your arranged schedules.

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Spikes Your Excitement

This next one is the best, and also my favorite of all time. An unplanned holiday is the best way to keep your travels exciting, and surprising. Not knowing what lies ahead of you is the best surprising element that drives you to create a memorable adventure. Since the unplanned holiday is all about going with the flow, your journey is less repetitive. This is a golden opportunity to ditch the typical tourist spot hopping. Explore the underrated places like the back alleys, dive yourself into a group to dance during a festival or sit down somewhere to have a sip of coffee with the locals.

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Life-Long Friend Making Opportunity

With all the said, this leads to my third point. You’ll make more friends with your unplanned holiday than sticking around with your tight schedule, spending those unwanted times to wait for a bus or going in a wrong direction to your destination. Being a backpacker or you’re just traveling with your friends, an unexpected holiday makes you approach the locals or anyone you see to ask for directions or to take a photo for you. Often, these little conversations are the reasons to spark off your friendship with other travelers. Who knows, a simple question to ask for food recommendations will end up having a meal and an acquaintance for life.

Rewind and Appreciate

An unplanned schedule changes the way you think about everything. Like, everything. You’ll never need to live with the rushing travel concept anymore. Travel doesn’t mean you need to maximize your days to visit all the hotspots in the city. The time where you spent chatting to the locals, laying on the beach or enjoying a coffee in a cafe is another way of relaxing travels that most of us failed to realize. The main point is, you’ll experience the different culture, tasting different cuisines, interact with people from all walks of life, and take time to appreciate the smallest things you always take for granted all the time.

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Sparks Creativity

At the end of the day, you’ll realize that you’re more creative than before. Why? It is simple. An unplanned holiday makes you think outside of the box, to solve a problem. Be creative from all the different things you tried. I believe these new experiences ease your brain to thrive. From all the different sounds, smells, sights, and tastes, it induces distinctive judgment from your brain.

It’s not wrong to plan ahead, in fact, it sets an excellent epitome for most of us to be organized in life. However, we should let down our guard sometimes to embrace the change occasionally. Life is too short for not experiencing different things as much as you can before it’s too late.

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