Тhe small Island of a big turtles

In general on the Seychelles Islands you need to rest and relax, as it is done by the indigenous inhabitants of the islands. But one of the places you need to visit is a small islet called Curieuse, which is located in a couple of tens of minutes on a motor boat from another, larger island - Praslin.

Curieuse is a small granitic island 1.13 sq mi (2.9 km2) in the Seychelles close to the north coast of the island of Praslin. Curieuse is notable for its bare red earth intermingled with the unique coco de mer palms, one of the cultural icons of the Seychelles, only growing on the two neighboring islands.


Тo organize a trip is completely simple and easy - the mass of the owners of boats on Praslin offer these trips at a price from 50 € per person, all depends on your desired options-it can be cheaper. Immediately refine: including whether in the price of your excursions ticket for a visit to the Island, as this is a National Park.If not included then ticket will have to buy on the Island. Also price depends on going to do you have dinner on the Island or not.



Оn the main site at the beach you will be asked to barbecue which will prepare by locals until you can do inspection the surrounding area.


In addition to Praslin, Curieuse is the only Island where in the natural environment is growing legendary Palm Coco del Mer , as well as local endemic grapes and six types of mangrove plants. one of the most interesting areas of the Island is мangrove swamp.


Boardwalk bridge, padded on the swamp, allows users to get a wide access to habitat mangrove


bush, consisting of a variety of plants and trees. on the Island lie natural trails, exploring that visitors will be able to fully get to know natural treasures of the Island, observe birds, crabs, fishes in mangrove.


On the Island was located a colony for lepers so I think that's why the Curieuse Island quite well preserved. Оn the Island even have remained the ruins of buildings in which lived physician so that can see, but there is practically nothing can be seen as they has long been drowned in Green jungle.

Рart of the trail runs on the slopes of the volcanic rock, very interesting, you can watch on top of vegetation the Islands.


Among the mangroves full of crab, which then run away, when he saw you, then peacefully sit in the roots of mangrove bushes and concentrated chew leaves, they can be heard by the characteristic crunchy sound in thickets.Red freshwater crabs guarded their holes. Such crabs found in water and on the other Seychelles.


Оf course real stars of the Island are turtles, their here more than 500.


Тurtles sre different too: someone seeks to spend time alone, hidden in the shadow of mangroves, and someone wanders on the meadow, where tourists are feeding them.




Do not believe that the turtles timid and slow. When it comes food, they rapid and highly resistant))

PB070310 - копия.JPG

Aldabra giant turtle were brought to the Seychelles from Aldabra atoll, which is located in the South close to the Madagascar. On the Seychelles lived own kind of giant turtle, but they all have been cut off sailors and the first settlers.


Giant turtles were brought to Mahe and other Seyschelles Islands as a source of food, but then moved in the category of pets. turtles feed leaves, grass and fallen down fruit. They have a wonderful ability to drink water nose, which was important to Rocky Aldabra atoll, where fresh water could get only from small holes.



I would like to add that when I was there in January, then in the Southern Hemisphere it's already summer and so it was quite hot, the temperature rose to +37°C.

Do not forget to stock yourself with enough quantity of drinking water.


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