The sounds of Kadena

At first, I thought that I dreamed something at the very-very morning. Light wind from the sea a little bit swayed the curtains on the window open on the balcony. Тhe rays of the already risen sun illuminated the vast blue of the sea, spread out behind the large window of the hotel room on the penultimate floor. I got out of bed and went out on the balcony to admire the beautiful colors of the morning in the Pacific Ocean. From somewhere behind, beyond my sight, from behind the roof of the hotel began to be heard an increasing whistle. When I saw them, I understood what had become the cause of my early awakening. A pair of the F-18 "Super Hornet" flew at a small height over the hotel building and making the right turn for landing, and not much added traction for maneuver that turned their whistling in a stern and loud roar of aircraft engines." The US Air Force here instead of an alarm clock"- I thought, so it began my first morning in the village of Cadena on the island of Okinawa in Japan.


The village itself is called American, but official name is Chatan.


In 2014, when I was in Okinawa,I stayed here at the "Vessel" hotel. The hotel has its own beach, although at the end of October, when I was there, the swimming season was already over, so the beach was officially closed and there were no people on it.



Along the entire coast of the sea there is an embankment and where there is a beach you can sit along the water's edge.


If there is a desire, you can observe the training flights of military aircraft))


Оn the other side of the hotel begins a long Concrete embankment without a sandy beach which lasts about 1.5 kilometers.



Bored guests in the hotel itself was not given: after the military flights were completed in the middle of the day, then after that the pile driving plant was starting to work, which pleased with its sounds in the second half of the day. The hotel was building in the territory.


Well, as I myself am not a fan of sitting in a hotel, so I did not cause any special problems. Therefore, it is best to have time to explore the surrounding area -what is inside this village of Chatan.
Мost of it is occupied by the Air Force base of the United States of America("18th wing"), and like any military territory, it is closed to visitors from outside. Well, since we do not need a military base, we go for a walk to that part of the city where ordinary people live.



In the town full of shops there are a large shopping center and a lot of small shops for any buyer.




Аbout places where you can eat I already do not speak. Here their complete set from the traditional all known fast food chains to small Japanese fish restaurants, or meat with the famous "shabu-shabu".



Lovers of sushi and sashimi can also go wild in full-length



For walks around the village you will find Japanese schoolgirls sweeping foliage in the courtyard of their school.


cyclists or people just walking along the city embankment.


When the sun goes down to the horizon and the weather is good on the embankment rushes many people. Near the embankment there is an area in which there are a lot of shops, cafes, restaurants, bowling alleys and other entertainment for tourists.



The large Ferris wheel installed in this area serves as a reference point for those who want to get there.




The sun goes down to the horizon and the evening comes.




Well, if this evening is not just an evening And the evening of Halloween, then believe the fun for the whole night you are provided.



The central street in this town is closed for traffic and it is filled by people in various outfits that the principle is happening everywhere on this day.




If you are the first time in Okinawa, then I recommend that you stay in this place. Here, in walking distance, there is everything the traveler needs.


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