Explaining That Crazy Picture From Valencia: La Desperta Fallas 2018

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Just yesterday I've posted a photo which confused some of our readers, I would like to explain in this article what was going on. But before I'll get into explaining I want to share with you how we experienced our first Desperta.

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Almost exactly 10 years ago we moved from Ireland, from a tiny little town of 150 people (that's an entire different story) to Valencia, Spain. To be honest we didn't know anything about Valencia before moving here, except that it had great weather. And that was enough to convince us to make Valencia our new home.

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Anyways ... this was my first weekend in the city, planing to sleep in on that Sunday morning and then..... crazy bomb sounds outside. And when I mean crazy... I mean crazy! I honestly thought WWIII was in full swing. But you can see and hear for yourself in the video further down. I really fell out of bed, all confused and worried. Running to our terrace and seeing this parade of people throwing something causing all the noise and smoke.

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All dressed and still confused we were standing on the side of the road and saw that they were throwing cherry bombs BUT for adults! And they were not for kids and deafening. Puzzled we decided to follow them, they must be going somewhere, there must be a purpose! So we ended up in Plaza de Ayuntamiento, people just gathering around - and then we got to experience our first Masclata. We've just posted about one yesterday but our first one was set up during daylight, early in the morning. It was a pure shock, I couldn't believe what I heard and saw. What was the purpose of it?, WHY? But we got to learn to love the Valencian Mascleta. We won't miss one if we're in town.

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Ok now, but what is this war like adult cherry bomb parade? It's the wake-up call to the people and city of Valencia. It's held on every last Sunday of February. Which is the day of La Crida - the official Fallas opening ceremony which is held in the evening. And I think they're successful every year, because after that parade everyone is awake or they must be dead! Enjoy the video (watch the volume) and some more pictures of this years Desperta! You can do some more further reading via the previous link.

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Oh! Hello Mike :)

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The fireworks!!! This is an interesting parade. Am looking to read more from you. Because of this post, my curiosity is stirred up to google on Valencian Mascletta and Fallas. Thanks @for91days for sharing this.

Thank you so much ... Fallas is getting more and more popular, especially since it's protected now by UNESCO. It's so incredible, hopefully you get to experience it one day and we're in town .. so we can show you in person why we love Fallas in Valencia so much!!!!

Yeah post it! I would love to know more. Well I got linked to your post on explaining Fallas on your own domain I think, which is cool too! Love to read more on your culture :)

Our Valencia blog has tons of Fallas info BUT I'm going to post tons of articles about this years Fallas! So either way you'll hear about Fallas ... TONS :)

Timon @ipumbaMarch 2018

wow looks like real war!

Wait until you see the next post .. hehe ..

rimicane @rimicaneFebruary 2018

That is insane! The fireworks at the end were so scary! Must have been a very memorable experience for you guys! And very unfortunate experience for those who had to clean the mess! 😁

Yes, I think it did something to our brains... we love it! And can't get enough of it. Valencia is amazing ... we walked by that street of the parade 1 hour later and everything was cleaned up again.

I don´t like street troubles anywhere @for91days. I hope everything could be fixed and everybody could be happy. Best regards from @presentnworldsc.

Please read again .. it's no trouble .. it's a parade of pure joy! Fallas is about to start!

vovidi @vovidiFebruary 2018

It should be a very unique experience for you. I was in Valencia 2 years ago but it was calm in those days. No fallas around :) Interesting post!... Looking forward to hear more about it...

The calmness of Valencia will be soon gone .. on the last 5 days of Fallas it's going to be so crazy and loud! Around the clock... ahha .. can't wait.

One could think a riot was going on if they didn't know about the Fallas! A good holiday to Valencia for any anarchist that wants to stir up trouble and claiming they were just getting too involved in the festivities. :p
Still lucky no troubles this year (so far) and great to see loads of fireworks and people getting involved with the parades!

Yes, when people see those images they think of riots .... Surprisingly even though the city is going to be super packed for the last 5 days of the festival ... it's always peaceful (for the most part). We've never seen a fight or people pushing like crazy.

It looks like controlled chaos at its best and glad to hear many enjoy the festivities peacefully.

If I did not read your post and just see the first two photos The first impression would be or a civil war or a demostration :) :) but yeah it looks an amazing festival

Indeed .. when I posted my very first Desperta video years ago on social media people kept asking if we're safe and if everything is ok . hahah

I guess people scared the first time you share a video of this festival In Spain when it is time for a festival no way !!! :) :) :)

That looks incredible! I wish we had a day over here where everyone parades together and plays with fireworks. hahahaha

Start one .. :) There is always one first guy who gets the stone rolling :)