Near the lovely little town of Agulo is one La Gomera‘s most popular tourist destinations: the Mirador Abrante. We ended up visiting the place four times, but not necessarily because we loved it so much…

Not recommend for people with Vertigo!
Not recommend for people with Vertigo!

For the second half of our week, we were staying at the Casas de Chorro, an ultra rural spot a couple kilometers outside of Agulo. Well, a couple kilometers over a massive stone wall and up into the valley… despite a short distance as the crow flies, it takes over an hour to walk between our house and the town (as we’d later discover). But we loved the quiet and solitude, and our cabin was wonderful; comfortable, large, and with both a fireplace and plenty of wood. We spent every evening after hiking sitting up in front of the fire, with wine and a simple pasta dish cooked at home.

We can recommend Casas de Chorro not just for the cabins, but also for its proximity to the Mirador de Abrante, which is the most modern and stylish spot we visited in La Gomera. Usually, this mirador boasts an incredible view over Agulo and the island’s northern coast, but it also suffers from frequent cloud cover.

On our first visit to Abrante, we couldn’t see a thing. We still enjoyed ourselves; the mirador hangs over the steep cliff which towers over Agulo, and features a glass floor, so it kind of felt as though we were walking on the clouds. Besides, we had plenty of time in Agulo — three full days! Unfortunately, it was same on our second and third visits. But we’re nothing if not persistent, and on our fourth visit, we were able to briefly spot Agulo through a break in the clouds. Success! I suppose.

In truth, the Mirador is worth visiting even when it’s cloudy, if just for the chance to hear some Silbo Gomero — if there’s not an exhibition going on, ask the waiter; there’s a good chance he’ll show off for you. And both the food and drinks are well priced. This is a perfect spot to reward yourself with a rest, after a long day of hiking.

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