Vicente Ferrer - The Patron Of Valencia - And Of Course A Mascleta

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Within a month, Valencia has celebrated Fallas, Semana Santa and now the Day of San Vicente Ferrer. And the Day of the Virgin is right around the corner. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, and first read about San Vincente: Valencia's Patron. This article was first published on our Valencia Travel Blog a while back but the pictures and the video are from TODAY.

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San Vicente Ferrer led a happier life. He was born in 1350 in the center of Valencia, the son of a prominent notary, and was a devout Christian from a young age. He rose quickly within the church, and was soon a figure of considerable influence. He traveled widely in Europe, spreading the gospel from Scotland to Switzerland. Although he only spoke Valencian, he was said to have the “gift of tongues,” allowing people from any country to understand him without difficulty.

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Hundreds of miracles are attributed to San Vicente Ferrer, who would usually raise his index finger when about to work his wonders — this is the pose in which he’s seen most frequently in paintings and sculpture. He’s attributed with miracles like healing the lame, saving Barcelona from famine, and even raising the dead. (Catholic priests who raise the dead are canonized… when I try it, I’m called a necromancer and chased out of town.)

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San Vicente Ferrer’s big festive day in Valencia is tied to Easter, so it’s always different — this year, the holiday fell on April 13th. To commemorate the saint, groups throughout the city set up altars, and children portray his miraculous acts on stage. There’s an altar at the Plaza de la Virgen, but the most popular is at Plaza Tossal. The kids speak in Valencian, but even if you can’t understand them, it’s great fun to watch the little thespians ply their trade. There’s also a procession leading from the Ayuntamiento to his birth house, near Plaza Tetuán, ending with a mascletà.

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Some More Pictures Of Today's Parade AND a Video at the end!

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Looks like Valencia never runs out of firecrackers , necromancer @for91days 😅


Never! July has some some fireworks every weekend! Excited :)

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Remember, the Swiss Marathon runner who comes to VLC in December. Yes, we know and used smartsteem. I kind of try not to use bots and bought upvotes. Thank you for the affiliate link ... do we get a profit share :)

There is a 15k night run in Valencia soon!!!

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Yes, that's me, unfortunately VLC is off the agenda for now as I lost my job as per July. So it's an expense I can't afford at the moment. I'll probably run in Luzern instead.

I get a small % and you get a % for every referral you make. More importantly you can purchase guaranteed upvotes instead of relying on bots. Smartsteem have an internal system for approved members and you guys would definitely qualify with the quality of your contents.

I've been a fan for months and I do the reviewing for them now and it's more like a give and take relationship, the more you give, the more you get.


They reviewed us already ... one star :(

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Sorry to hear that! Well maybe they can review that in a while. Just keep creating original content and make it rich and appealing. I'm loving it!


Also, sorry to hear about the job situation. We've been on the road and independent for the last 15 years. A constant up and down but right now it's horrible since the huge drop of Youtube income since the beginning of the year :(!

Doron @wolfjeApril 2018

I heard about that, maybe dtube dan be a solution in that area?


Semana Santa, that's a term that we also use here during holy week.

Wow, tons of fireworks there. ^^


Your fiestas and processions looks so extravagant! I love those elaborate costumes. We inherited that kind of tradition from Spain but how you celebrate there is far and more festive than what we have here. :)


And you know who's going to bring back these traditions??? YOU!!! Thank you for this thoughtful comment.