I went to my favorite gorge today to get some new shots of the waterfall! This winter we had a good share of rain and I was expecting to see a more impressive spectacle than usual.

And I was right :)


I would like to remind you that I live on eastern Crete, a very dry place that is suffering from drought, so this is as much as we can hope for and it is enough to put a smile on our face!


The name of the gorge is Richtis and it is only a few km away from my home so I visit it often! Of course the summer is here for good and the tourists too and on top of that it is Sunday so I wasn't alone there.On the contrary, at some point it was a rather crowded place but I kind of like the pictures with people. I think they give a better feel of the place!





So many models but nobody was posing for me!


I like those shots. There are much better than some older ones but still, they don't have the amazing look I was after. Today I felt really bad the need for an ND filter. It is something I should have bought ages ago but somehow I always postpone it. If you have any suggestions I would be more than happy to hear them!


Of course you won't find the waterfall next to the parking lot!

You'll have to follow the signs...


...walk under the shadow of huge trees...


...find the marks that are there to guide you...


...pass small streams...


... be grateful that someone made it easier to pass the larger streams...


...and at the end of the route, enjoy the harsh Cretan landscape...


...and the beach!


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