0900 Breakfast
1100 Gwangalli Beach - Haeundae Beach
1200 Haeundae Beach - Haedong Yonggungsa
1500 Bus tour round the city of Busan
1800 Dinner at Halmae Jaecheopguk
2100 Gwangan Bridge Night View from BEXCO Hostel roof top


I've had enough of walking!

Thank goodness I'm the brilliant one between the two of us. I got us a super duper deal for Busan City Bus Loop Tour that were perfect for 2 too-lazy-to-walk-anymore tourists. Thank you Korea Tourism Organisation Malaysia !

From Korea Tourism Organisation Malaysia, we got two KRW 5000 discount vouchers from them. Therefore, we only paid KRW 20000 instead of KRW 30000 for the loop tour. Saved RM 36+/-. Read Lazymom Travels To Busan Korea - Preparations For The Trip to find out how I got the discount vouchers.

If you're a Malaysian and planning a trip to South Korea, head to Korea Tourism Organisation Malaysia and get those goodies. For more information on Busan City Bus Tour head over to their website. They have other options besides the loop tour, such as night tour and themed tours.

Though we got the discount vouchers on hand, we still need to go and purchase the bus tickets. I cooked breakfast again on the morning of day 6. Time sure fly. We would be checking out tomorrow. That morning, I made cheese omelette for @davidke20.

Picture sourced from @davidke20

Making our own breakfasts saved us some cash. In my post Lazymom Travels To Busan Korea-7 Days Itinerary:Day 2, I mentioned to budget RM 40 per meal. For 3 days in BEXCO Hostel, we saved RM 120 on breakfasts alone.

How to take the Busan City Bus Loop Tour ?

It's very much like KL City Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour. Take a look at the map below showing 4 routes differentiated by red, blue, yellow and green colours.

  • Red line - from Busan Station to Haeundae Beach
  • Blue Line - from Haeundae Beach to Haedong Yonggungsa
  • Yellow line - from Haedong Yonggungsa to Gijang Market
  • Green line - from Yongho Bay (only goes to Oryukdo / Igidae)

Bus route taken from official website

We could only purchase the tickets upon boarding the bus. Mr. Pil, BEXCO Hostel manager said we could take the bus from the Gwangalli Beach BUTI bus stop and we need not travel all the way to Busan Station to get on the bus. Excellent man. Saved us a lot of walking.

The service does not operate on Mondays, unless Monday is Korea public holiday. The day was 30th May, 2018. It was a Wednesday. And there were not many tourists, so we almost have the whole bus to ourselves. If the bus were to be full, tough luck, we would have to wait for the next one.

Gwangalli Beach - Haeundae Beach

VisitKorea calls it the most famous beach in Busan. We boarded the bus headed for Haeundae Beach from Gwangalli BUTI bus stand. Took a quick video. Click on the picture below to watch.

VideoBusan City Bus ride

It was a beautiful day. @davidke20 in his post Haeundae beach said so too.

This is the Busan City Bus Tour waiting for passengers at their designated bus stop indicated by the word BUTI.


We got off the bus at Haeundae Beach stop which stops in front of SEALIFE Busan Aquarium. I had discount vouchers for the entrance tickets too but each ticket cost KRW29000 (MYR 100+) . At first when I was planning the trip I thought of going but then decided against it. Back home, we already went to Aquaria and Langkawi Underwater World. So, to me it was the same difference.

We have beautiful beaches like this in Malaysia too. Believe me, we do.


The sun was burning fiercely in the sky. I didn't have a hat nor my sunglasses with me but lucky I brought an umbrella just in case it rained. We're not mat sallehs, we didn't put on bikini and briefs for sun bathing on the most famous beach in Busan. @davidke20 is sun shy (that's why he's so fair) and I'm a puteri lilin.

What the hell did we do at the most famous beach in Busan then??

Coincidentally, there were sand sculptures on display. Apparently, it was Busan Sand Festival. I love this trip! We seemed to be in Busan at the right time.

Busan Sand Festival 2018

One of the sand sculptors on why he became a sand sculptor. What a cool ambition for kids, don't you think?


@davidke20's Haeundae Beach post have all the pictures so you can check out what sort of sand sculptures there were. Saved you from looking at same pictures twice ; )

Heads up. There's a bit of advertisement in his post about Korean hair shampoo #rolledeyes #vainpot

Ok-lah, I show you one picture. But the rest, go look in his post, ok?




That wizard sure looks like Gandalf.



Ok, two pictures 😝


Because they all look so awesome! And I like these pictures better because I took them. #evillaugh

A sand sculpture against tall buildings as its backdrop

I've never seen real sand sculptures like these before. The ones my kids make don't count.

One can safely swim here but we didn't bring swimming gear.

Just wanted to show how fine the sands are.

Haeundae Beach - Haedong Yonggungsa

Next stop was Haedong Yonggungsa. There stands a temple by the sea. The bus stops at Fisheries Science Museum. We didn't visit the museum but went straight to the temple. Once alighted from the bus, we walked through the grounds of the museum. We took liberty of the toilets there. So clean. Did I tell you the toilets in Korea are so clean?

As we walked leaving the museum behind us, we were greeted by amazing views of the sea.

Serenely beautiful

About a few metres yonder lies the Haedong Yonggungsa temple.

While walking towards the temple, we saw a wide open space with strange stacks of rocks of all shapes and sizes. Some people have a lot of time on their hands.

Look out for a sign that points to the right direction

It was really sunny that day. I think I set the exposure too high for this shot.

As soon as we reached the temple ground we saw this statue.

Saw this while we crossed a small pedestrian bridge to go further into the temple ground.

Steps leading up to the main temple building

I don't know what it says because am not educated in the language. To find out, can read @davidke20 post Haedong Yonggung Temple.

The interior of the temple

The temple main door looking out into the sea

There's a small rock garden behind the temple building. A staircase leads up here.

The statue of Goddess Kuan Yin facing the sea

A closer look

My view from where Goddess Kuan Yin stands

@davidke20 with his ex-girlfriend

A stone carving of Goddess Kuan Yin

A pagoda within the temple grounds


We spent quite some time here enjoying the serenity of the place. Compared to Beomeosa Temple on our second day itinerary, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple ground is a lot smaller. And I've mentioned in that same post that once you've seen one temple in Busan, the rest are very very similar in their architectural design.

If you read my post Lazymom Travels To Busan Korea-7 Days Itinerary:Day 2 you will see the similarities I meant.

Under one of the temple roofs

With my zodiac. Yeap. Am a rabbit. Guess my age ; )

This, I think is another entrance / exit to the temple


And, it took us out onto a street with food!


This is the stall behind Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

We walked the street. It was only a few metres. There were drinks stalls, food stalls and souvenir stalls. But nothing we've not tried nor seen before. We didn't get anything else other than the hotteok. Somehow or rather we were not hungry and the hotteok was enough. We rather save our stomachs for dinner later. We left the temple, retraced our steps back to Fisheries Science Museum and boarded the bus.

Would I recommend a visit to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple? Only if you have the time. Otherwise, stick to visiting Beomeosa Temple should be enough to satisfy your curiosity of Busan temples, unless, of course you want to make temple visits like a pilgrimage.

City Tour

Once we were in the bus, it was too comfortable to leave. Also, my legs were tired and my toe was aching. So we continued the loop tour all the way to Busan Station and back. I had a live video posted in Dlive but since Dlive is no longer in the Steem blockchain, and I forgot to migrate the video over to Dtube, we can't watch it now.

A screen capture of my DLive video

You can watch the video here instead.

Once we reached Busan Station, we alighted from the bus and took another one. Busan Station begins the Red Line tour. The second bus was a double decker and we went straight up to the upper deck for a good view of the city. Here's a map of the route for Busan City Bus Loop Tour of the Red Line.

We passed many famous landmarks but too lazy to get down for a visit. Some places we just don't have the interest to visit. Like who would want to visit a cemetery on their vacation?

The UN Memorial Cemetery

Maybe Busan Museum. But again, too lazy to get down from the bus.


The bus took us over the Gwangan Bridge and back to Gwangalli Beach where we alighted. The ride on Gwangan Bridge was very nice. I mean, that's the bridge we've been looking at from afar at Gwangalli Beach, a top of BEXCO Hostel and as far as from Igidae Coastal Walk. So to be on the bridge was like 🤩.

Dinner at Halmae Jaecheopguk

Halmae Jaecheopguk was scheduled as the place for lunch in my itinerary for Day 5 but we didn't get to eat. So I moved it to dinner. And the place was within walking distance from BEXCO Hostel.

According to VisitKorea

Halmae Jaecheopguk is ...."located in Gwangan 2-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan, Halmae (meaning "grandmother" in Busan dialect) Jaecheopguk has a long history of selling jaecheopguk (clear shellfish soup) made with jaecheop (shellfish) caught from the nearby Gupo area to people who sought refuge in Busan during the Korean War. "

From the description, I thought it was really worth a try. But with the trip ending soon, I was craving for bibimbap actually. Seriously, I've not come across ANY shop in Busan selling bibimbap when I was there. I Googled for bibimbap restaurant in the area but found nothing specific. Maybe it's because it was summer, they don't serve bibimbap? So, we went to Halmae Jaecheopguk without any expectations.

And to my delight...... they had bibimbap! Talk about law of attraction.

The set in Halmae Jaecheopguk that has bibimbap


My craving settled. But @davidke20's craving got fired up.

As we were walking back towards BEXCO Hostel, this time using a different route, he saw Lotteria. And their burger promotion. In @davidke20's post Random photography in Korea Busan he ordered a cheese burger set for KRW 6000. That's RM 22 ! Not cheap compared to a set of McDonald's meal. For desserts we had their ice-cream which was nice and creamy.

By the time we got back and had our showers, Gwangan Bridge was lit up like diamonds in the sky. That's why it's also called the Diamond Bridge.

Gwangan Bridge view from the roof top of BEXCO Hostel

So one of the main feature of BEXCO Hostel is its rooftop view of the bridge. And that's why I picked it.

We couldn't resist.


The temperature at night was less than 20 degress celcius. With the wind blowing, it was cold for me. I'm a Malaysian. I'm used to hot and humid weather up to 40 degress celcius. So, Busan was considered chilly in the day and cold at night for me. Needed something to warm me up before bed.

After having a hot cup of Korean noodle and Korean coffee each with the Gwangan Bridge view under the moon, we slept like babies.

Picture courtesy of my husband @davidke20


Stay tuned for #lazymom Travels To Busan Korea-7 Days Itinerary:Day 7

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