This is the first picture I took of this peak, the pyramid shaped Pavione in Trentino, Italy.
From the first sight, this was my favorite peak, I found it's perfect pyramid shape so mystic and magic.

A little less than a year later, we moved into a house in Italy with the permanent view of this peak:


Me and little Willow on our balcony the first day in the new house

And how many pictures i have taken of this amazing view those 1½ year we lived there! (We don't live there anymore since we rented out the house and moved into our campervan 2 years ago)







And I could keep on going!
So many times, when the sun had gone behind the mountains (especially in winter where we just had 10 minutes of sun reaching the house a day!), I would look at that mountain top from my window and dream myself away to those last rays of sun!
But did I ever climb it? Not until two days ago! But then I finally did it!


Roberto showing the way

We went by car to Vederna, a beautiful mountain valley at the altitude of about 1,300 mt. From there we just had about 1000 mt to climb to reach the top.
As I didn't do very much of "mountain climbing" (if you can call it that) or let alone trekking in my life, this was sufficient for me ;D
I come from a country (Denmark) where we the highest point is 170 mt above sea level and the closest thing to a mountain is a hill called "Himmelbjerget" translated "The Sky Mountain", which is 147 mt high...! And no I haven't even climbed that one XD


That being said, I do quite a lot of hiking and love to be in forest and mountains. So I was quite excited to finally hit that mountain!

On the way up we had stunning views of the Dolomites, just on the other side of the valley.



me, looking down at the starting point

The first part went through pine forest, the next some grassy hills, with a few trees and flowers - most of them already went into seeds though, it being late in the year.


Then the last long bit was more grassy hills. Up, up!



Roberto looking over to the peak, just behind the hill :9



Then we reached the pass. Just another 50 minutes..


Up this..!


Almost at the first top..


We made it, and luckily, from the first top to the next was just this sweet piece that seemed like a stroll ;D


This part was the best to walk, almost straight and there was this incredible warm humid wind coming up from one side! I had always imagined it would be kind of cold and dry, but instead it was warm and humid! And apart from this warm wind, there was no strong winds at all, almost completely calm!


At the top of the world..



Monte Pavione, 2335 m and me.. ;P



It's always strange to be on top of a place you've looked at for so long. I was a bit surprised of how much grass there was..! And then at the amount of people (not so visible on the pictures but there were quite a few other trekkers up there). I had always imagined this completely desolate mountaintop, far away, seen from my window..!
Instead, there is probably almost always a few people who climbs it everyday, just can't see them from down there ;D


"Our" village - Imér

It is said that on a clear day you can see all the way to Venice from here, but we had clouds in that direction!


And back down again..!


Met this guy on the way..!


And then where we started at the "malga" where a family that takes care of the cows live for the summer together with the animals. This is a beautiful experience too, we did something similar last year, though at a place with a restaurant too. Will write a post about that too one day :)


That was it for now, thank you for stopping by!!


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