See The World #8 - Roadtrip Part 5 (The Merry Cemetery, Bârsana Monastery, The Mesothermal Waterfall "Toplița", Lăptici Peat Bog, Bolboci Lake)

GabrielaTravels @gabrielatravelsApril 2019 · 2 min read

I often call myself a prisoner in my own world, in my own life. Because that's exactly the feeling I get when I'm away from traveling, exploring, going into a new adventure or just get lost in a new place.

The saddest part is that very little people understand how vital is travelling. Some people live like this without knowing the cause of their depression, anxiety, lack of freedom, etc, and some die like this.

I declare myself a travelholic - I may be in love with the mountains and wild places, but what I need the most is a getaway. It might be to:

It doesn't really matter where you go to unless you escape from daily routines and everything that exhausts you mentally more than any physical effort when you are climbing the mountains or following a track to a wonderful touristic attraction that is waiting impatiently for visitors.

And I know that people are mostly thinking to work hard now and enjoy the life a little bit later, but that's how you fall asleep in your twenties and wake up when you are already too tired to do anything but just sleep and recover all those nights spent at the work, making a project, studying, and then you realize how you wasted more than half of your life doing what people think you need to do, rather than enjoy the life. Because I would rather own a little and explore the world, than own the world but see just a little of it.

All you need to do is to figure out that your health stays in your own arms, and you are the only one who decides how to live - So God damn pack your stuff and go out there to explore the world! It's waiting for you!

Video recorded with: GoPro HERO 6
Edited in: Premiere Pro CC 2018
Part No. 5 of the 2018 Summer Roadtrip - posted on @dtube
All rights reserved to @gabrielatravels

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What a wonderful scenic video-Including the boots. Twice! I am a happy man.

That walkway on the peat bog reminded me of a 'fossil walkway' in Badlands National Park. Very cool way to 'see'.

The guy with the flat tire? :) I carry a tire kit and very small electric compressor on my motorcycle all the time. It has saved a couple of trips for me...

Thanks Gabriela! It is glorious.


I promised you will see the boots in the video! Haha. Thanks! It's always a pleasure to read your comments. :)

And we also have a tire kit with us in every trip, saved us for many times. :D

Just googled 'fossil walkway' in Badlands National Park and oh man, I really wish I get to visit that place by myself one day! :)


For some reason I can’t play the video right now but I definitely agree that everyone needs a getaway. I’ve been having an itch to travel lately and we will do so this Summer.

When we didn’t have children it was a lot easier to just pick up and go. Now with a big family it takes soooo much work and effort to get everyone and our things together that I just don’t bother with it much. I do want to change that though and start taking family vacations regularly. I really look forward to traveling afar with my husband one day when all of our kids are grown and on their own.


I feel you. And I really hope you will succeed making the kids enjoy and love the trips at least as much as you do and travel often.

If the video don't work being played on @dtube, I will leave below a link to YouTube. :)


Thank you I hope so too!

Thanks for the video link, I enjoyed viewing ~


I to was a travelholic and as much as I liked visiting beautiful places I also loved how my travel sometimes took me to places that have suffered from war, fighting or famine, I found my visits to those places gave me a much more positive attitude and appreciate what I had in life and how lucky I was, not that I cannot travel anymore I do miss it I must admit


I agree!


You are so smart @gabrielatravels, and right! Travel now while you have your health! We love hiking and traveling, have done quite a bit but we can't do that tent camping any more, lol Our travel van works very nicely :) Enjoy!!!


I would probably give up on tent for a van too, but unfortunately all we have now is the tent and the beautiful cold mornings. But I can't complain! I love this lifestyle. :)

Thank you so much for your wonderful words, you are too kind and I feel spoiled, hahaha! <3


nice one..amazing


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