Around 6 months ago I made a random post where I was hella excited to announce that it's time for the summer roadtrip that I'm going into, every year. We have this beautiful tradition to go for 2 weeks around Romania and discover new places and promote them further.

And a few weeks ago I started to write about them, actually I wanted to do it for a while but I kept on going to random trips and decided to post them before, as this is a whole series filled with lots of cool places and I don't want to break it for another spontaneous trip.

To make a little remember about how this See The World Series work: I make a few posts with different places that I have seen and where I had my camera with me, then collect all the videos I recorded and create a video. So after I finish writing the stories for a few locations, I dedicate one day to a video that contains all these places, presented other than just in pictures and words. In this way, you can truly see them and decide if they worth a visit or not.

As you can see, in both the title and video, it says Part 1, that is because the whole series of this past summer roadtrip will have around 6 or 7 parts, or even more than that. Because we saw a lot of places and don't really want to cut too many details at editing because I wish you will see both the good and the bad parts of them. :)

There are 2 details that are missing from the video I posted - and I'm talking about the part where is a land full with colourful roses (1:28) called Ciumbrud. I decided not to write about it because when I visited this place, most of the roses were withering so I couldn't really promote them to the fullest, but hopefully one day I will return and I will have the occasion to make a great post about it.
And the 2nd part from the video that I haven't written about, is the one at the end which is a little part of Cluj Napoca city that I will more than sure visit it this year, probably in the summer and I will make other posts about it and the touristic attractions from there.

The other places you will see in the video are: Cheile Vălișoarei (Vălișoara Gorges) & Castelul Templul Cavalerilor (The Temple of the Knights Castle) and Cheile Turzii (Turda Gorges).

As always, there are not too many things to be told as I hope the video will complete this post perfectly, and I will really suggest you to follow this summer roadtrip series because you will have the pleasure to discover Romania other than just the most popular touristic attractions from here. :)

The next post is going to be about a great lake which will be posted on Tuesday (29 Jan) and then the next video of this series will be dedicated only to this place, being posted on Monday (4 Feb).

Video recorded with: GoPro HERO 6
Edited in: Premiere Pro CC 2018

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