Let's travel together #102 - Lacul Bolboci (Bolboci Lake)

GabrielaTravels @gabrielatravelsApril 2019 · 3 min read

There are, and will always be - these types of people who either love the sea or the mountains. But what about a lake? What does it loves more between the two from above?
Bolboci Lake is being considered the sea from the Bucegi Mountains which is a different lake than any other you've seen before, just because is making you feel closer to the sky, very easily.


As a continuation of my previous post which was about Turbăria Lăptici, on just a few hundreds of metres away from it, we will discover Bolboci Lake.
Contrary to the fact that it's impossible to find both a swamp and a lake so close to each other, there is this beautiful phenomenon which adds another unique touristic attraction on the territory of Bucegi Natural Park, from Romania.
Bolboci Lake, also known as the sea hidden in the heart of the mountains, represents a lake of an artificial dam, located on the Ialomița River, with a total volume of 18million cubic meters.
The main river that feeds the lake is called Ialomița, but there are also a few little ones that contribute as well: Blana River, Nucet River, Bolboci River & Plaiul Mircii River.

From the numerous breathtaking natural attractions from Bucegi Mountains, Bolboci Lake is being considered one of the most spectacular ones due to the many picturesque landscapes which are being dominated by the wooded peaks of the mountains, embracing the lake with affection.


The lake has been formed behind a dam being situated at the highest altitude from Romania, 1438m, which now has the same name as the lake - Bolboci Dam.
Even though it's an artificial lake, the process of creating it didn't cause any damage to the beautiful corner of heaven, being located right in the heart of the mountains. More than that, the lake started being visited by more and more tourists which find it as one of the most peaceful and relaxing places, where its beauty and purity haven't been affected by the human presence.

Bolboci Dam has been created in 1988 and it has a height of 55m.
Its main purpose is to ensure a volume of 18million cubic meters of potable water for the municipality of Targoviste under any circumstances, being created upstream Zănoagei Gorges and Tătarului Gorges.
Besides the dam, you will also discover Cabana Bolboci (Bolboci Chalet) which has been officially created in 1926, and it is located on the shore of the lake that has around 60 places for hosting the tourists, but also a restaurant.
Both the lake and the chalet, represent the main spot from where several mountain routes are starting, some of them to be discovered in the following posts.

Visiting the lake costs nothing, but will fill your heart with lots of beautiful moments away from daily routines while you are getting lost into a place closer to the sky and beyond the crowded places.
To get to Bolboci Lake you can follow DN71 if you come from Târgovişte until you reach Moroeni and then on the forest road from Sinaia (DJ713).
The lake is located between the two resorts, Sinaia and Padina.





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It's a simply beautiful place. It reminds me of my ancestral home in the Pacific Northwest. I actually know of several places where dams were artfully and usefully sited that create spots like this. Unfortunately I know of places where the dam wasn't so artfully sited and remains a scar on the landscape. I guess such is the variety of humanness.

I looked. Carefully. No boots (or even shoes) ? It's like you left your signature off....


Hahaha. I had the boots but visiting the lake was the last attraction we visited on that day (after a total of 5) and I was a little bit too exhausted to take any pictures with me or the boots, my bad :D

But the next post is going to be the video that sums up my last 5 places visited and you will see the boots at this dam. Haha.


Spectacular Romanian nature again! :)


I can't agree more! :D


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Mac @macchiataApril 2019

that's a beautiful lake! i've never been to many lakes though. Hoping in the future, I can explore more areas.


Yep, it is so peaceful over there! Wish I could catch the sunset :)

Mac @macchiataApril 2019

Are you planning to visit again just for the sunset in the future?


If it would be closer to me, yes. But unfortunately I can't get on that part of the country too easily :(


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