Let's travel together #105 - Lacul de Smarald (The Emerald Lake)

GabrielaTravels @gabrielatravelsMay 2019 · 4 min read

The Emerald Lake will make you get easily hypnotized from your first steps made on its way, and the colour of a polished emerald will clear your mind and fill your heart with satisfaction and peace.
Nor the way it appeared and its colours are not random but actually a beautiful disaster to the massive exploitation of the humans, who took part in the 20th century.


The Emerald Lake represents the miracle number 2 from this series of The world of Mars from Racoș, Romania, and it comes as a continuation to my previous post about Racoș Volcano and the massive exploitation which took part until the whole place became a protected area and part of the Perşani Mountains Geopark.
The lake, originally called Lacul Brazi (The Fir Lake) earned its name of The Emerald Lake due of its colour which turns into a mix of deep green and bright blue when it's sunny outside and the weather is in its favour.
Unfortunately, when I got to visit this place was on a rainy and stormy period so the way you see the lake in my pictures is not as it usually is, but I will leave down below two pictures where you can see it in all its glory.


Source of pictures: zigzagprinromania.com

The Emerald Lake appeared as a consequence to that massive exploitation we mentioned earlier, which was formed in a huge pit where people used to extract columns of basalt to build their houses or collaborate on the rehabilitation of different citadels and castles, nearby.
Due to the intense digging for the rocks, it was reached groundwater which made the lake come out and create the magic.
The depth of the lake is around 10m (some locators are talking about 60m) and the width is 400m.
The level of the water is constant regardless of the season, and it is mostly maintained by the groundwater, the rainwater having an insignificant contribution.


The Emerald Lake is located on an altitude of 50m below the ground level and it represents the last of the 3 miracles which were formed in the protected area from Racoș. The length of the walls which are surrounding the hidden beauty of the lake is around 300m and the shapes of the basalt formations you can find on there are various giving an aspect of a vertical pavement.
Both the bright colour of the lake and its purity are offered by the hardness of the basalt columns which are protecting the hidden treasure by the visitor's eyes. Tourists can also go down to the lake and admire it closely but the most recommended place to check it out is from the hill above it, as I did. For the braver ones, it's also allowed to take a bath right into the fascinating water with the colour of a polished emerald but... on your own risk. So if you are not a good swimmer, you better admire it from the shore.


Both Racoș Volcano and The Emerald Lake we discovered so far, but together with The Basalt Columns we are going to explore on the following post, are creating a magical landscape that makes you believe you can step into another world. That's why it is not unexpected that the whole area is considered a place with high positive energy which radically changes your mood and it helps improve your health condition.

Reaching the Racoș village is possible by train but also by driving a car. If you are coming from Bucharest you need to get on DN1 until you reach Braşov. From here follow DN13 on the way to Sighişoara and the last 10 km are being made on DJ 131C until you reach the tiny village.




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o07 @o07May 2019

You always manage to get some great shots out there!


Thanks, Stefan!

Bengy @bengyMay 2019

It is very beautiful when the light catches the water right! Thanks for explaining how the water gets it's colour... I wonder what the ancient peoples thought of it, before there were logical explainations...


No idea, but it really is a magical place. :)


It's hard, isn't it? Seeing such beauty come out of exploitation? At least it's hard for me to see. One one hand the earth takes care of itself and on the other, it shouldn't have had to... But we NEED raw material yet nobody ever seems to restore the damage made getting said materials. Like Facebook says "It's Complicated".

Thanks for a truly wonderful post (series of posts) about this area. I'm actively looking forward to your study of the basalt columns. I'm a sort of rock guy...

Boots. Always glad to see the boots!


It really is hard, but also a rare thing to see a beautiful place like this one being born from a disaster. Even though it shouldn't be happening all this, I'm happy there is something beautiful to be seen instead of a huge disaster to the earth. I prefer taking the positive part of everything :)

Also, thanks. I discovered pretty recently that I'm kind of attracted to study more about rocks and stones in general. So talking about the basalt columns was a real pleasure and I can't wait to hear your thoughts about it :D

Boots, always signing my posts! haha :D


What a beautiful lake such gorgeous colors of both the water and surrounding scenery


I know, right? :)


Now that I can't travel like I used to I love seeing the beauty of the world through your posts ;)


Away from the maddening crowd, hidden gems I call visiting places like this. Must be quite a spectacular view from the top and at water level @gabrielatravels


Yes!!! It really is! So peaceful and relaxing, no matter if the storm is coming or not, hehe


That is a beautiful lake :o) What kind of owls do they have in Romania? @regularowl cookie votes


Hehe, thanks for bringing the owls! The most common owl here is Buha, but you can find the other species over HERE :D


The owls were called by @mathowl


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Beautiful mother nature beautifuly shot!
The emerald lake reminds me of El Castell De Guadlest, Spain. One of my favorite solo travels!

Enjoy your travels! ❤️


Wow! That's one hella crazy lake! Thanks for your appreciation and time to stop by ❤️