It may start as a new day with a new journey, but in reality, it's going to make it the best adventure you've ever had while pushing your limits to maximum and discovering a new place.
That's what I call a great time exploring Tamina Canyon.


Tamina Canyon or the beauty hidden within the mountains - represents a less visited place by tourists due of being not so accessible for anyone who wishes to live this beautiful adventure.
The canyon is one of the main attractions from Piatra Mare Massif, located on an altitude of 1.110m in the soul of Curvature Carpathians, and it has a total length of 100m.
Tamina was born after a cave collapsed and the drainage lines have deepened, and nowadays it represents a route full of adrenaline through the heart of the mountains, consisting of 5 successive waterfalls that make the climbing even more entertaining.

The adventure started as soon as nature woke up and gave us the agreement to hit the road. The forest road that leads to the canyon is on just 1km away from Timişu de Sus train station, and once you reach this place you need to follow the blue markers painted on tree trunks or stones, being the sign that shows you the way to the destination.


Even from the first steps, you will be welcomed with a huge warning panel that makes you aware of the big population of bears from that area, which is nothing unusual taking in consideration that Transylvania and especially Brasov County, represents one of the most populated surfaces with bears, from Europe.
Even though there haven't been any incidents from this place so far, is always better to be ready for anything before starting a new journey.
As an animal lover, I've never considered bears being a danger for people. However, the opinions are always shared through two main categories - those who spread only scary stories about bears attacking people and killing them, and the other team which protects the animals and find them as normal creatures who just live their lives at their own environment. To me, if a person is attacked by a bear is definitely because he did something to make the animal react weirdly. the end, we are the ones who get on their territory to discover new places, not them.


Anyway, the advice offered through the panel are:

  • don't feed wild animals;
  • don't camp in places which are not specially dedicated to this action;
  • don't leave any food leftovers;
  • if you see a bear don't start running or throwing with things on its way;
  • talk loud or sing a song, just so the animals will know you are there and will go away.
    Make some noise and everything will be just fine. :)


The way up to the canyon is not less cinematic, especially when nature and the majestic trees are taking care of you in the middle of the summer when there are over 35°C outside.
The trail is marked as an easy to medium route, which can be accessed by anyone who loves the mountains, taking only one hour until you reach the canyon and where the adrenaline begins.
The one hour depends on how slow or fast you are walking, as you will need to constantly climb through the forest which takes you above the canyon.
Once you reach this place, you have two options on how to get into the canyon:

  • if you go to the right - you will have to climb the canyon through the water which flows from the 5 waterfalls you are going to discover and from where you can continue the trail to Piatra Mare Massif (1.844m) which takes 3 more hours;
  • if you go to the left - you will literally arrive where the canyon ends and go down with the water until you reach the point from where you would start if you opt for the first option.

Personally, I decided to go with the first option as it seemed more interesting to go through the water instead of going with the flow.

Even though at the beginning it might seem simple to get through some puddles, the reality is not even close.
Both the rocks and the logs you will have to cross over are extremely slippery and the risks to fall are big, especially if you don't have some waterproof boots which offer you comfort and safety.
It's also good to know that inside the canyon is a huge tide and noise due to the 5 waterfalls which keep flowing through the stone walls, so you better make sure to be in continuous connection with your team and take care of each other.

You will need to climb 4 different levels which represent the first 4 waterfalls which are being formed from the main one.


The shabby stairs or the rotten logs you have to walk on are not offering too much safety when you see the course of the water which keeps rising and the way it flows right through the place you are making your way up. Not even the current which seems more powerful with every step you make on the stairs that are moving at the same time with the flowing water.
But none of these is stopping you from moving. They actually make you extra curious and ambitious to continue your journey and embrace the obstacles which make the story even more entertaining.


Unfortunately, due to not being able to climb further, our adventure came to an end at the last waterfall which represents the 5th one, being known as Tamina Waterfall.
Tamina Waterfall is the main waterfall that feeds the entire canyon with lots of adrenaline and flowing water, and it has a total height of 10m.
The canyon not only that makes a great experience for whoever goes through it, but it is also a prefered location for alpinists, being no less than 71 climbing trails with different difficulty levels.


The access to the canyon can be made through two different ways.

  • If you opt for the train, you can get off Timişu de Sus train station from where you will walk 1 more km until you get on the track that leads to the canyon and then follow the blue marker.
  • If you opt for the car, you need to follow DN1 which takes you to Timişu de Sus, located between Predeal and Brasov.

Either way, both options will bring you to the same place and once you reach a metal bar, that's from where the track starts.




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