Whether we are talking about psychological recovery, the Mezosoic era and its dinosaurs, a canyon with 7 stairs through 7 different waterfalls, adrenaline or the longest zipline from Romania, all of them are leading to the same gorgeous natural monument being called 7 Stairs Canyon.


The 7 Stairs Canyon comes as a continuation to my previous post which was also about a canyon from Romania, but the one I'm going to present in today's article is deeply connected with the other one.
As a comparison with Tamina Canyon, the 7 Stairs Canyon is one of the most visited places from Brasov County, the number of tourists from all over the world rising from a year to another, being registered over 6000 different visitors per weekend.
The canyon is located in the heart of Curvature Carpathians, Brasov County, on the western side of Piatra Mare Mountains and it makes the subject of one of the best memories you can create if you like climbing rocks, stairs and getting lost in the middle of nature while letting her embrace your soul and find your peace.
The way it appeared is not less interesting, as the canyon represents a natural defile which was formed after the water digged deep into the Jurassic limestone which was accelerated by epigenesis.


A little bit earlier I was mentioning the fact that both of the canyons have many things in common being deeply connected, so considering that Tamina Canyon was presenting 5 successive waterfalls, this time the 7 Stairs Canyon is bringing you 7 successive waterfalls, each one of them having a stair which takes you to the next level.
The length of the canyon is 160m and the stairs are between 2,5 and 15m long depending on the height of the waterfall.


If you were thinking to opt for this canyon instead of the other one due to being more visited by tourists, keep in mind that the warning panels related to the bears whom the forest is home for - are NOT missing.
This time, the billboard's artwork is more colourful and way friendlier for the people who are crossing by, especially that there are lots of people who come with their children and is very important to make them understand the possible dangers but which are not necessarily a bad thing.


The bear species you can find while exploring the 7 Stairs Canyon is the brown bear which is being recognised a national value for Romania that must be considered as a pride to us and not a danger since is part of our culture. More than that, the brown bear has never considered humans as potential prey, so the risks of being attacked are very low unless you are not acting weird to make the animal feel threatened.


The 7 Stairs Canyon is more like a circuit which doesn't starts or ends once you passed through the canyon but which can be accessed entirely only when the debt of the waterfalls is not too powerful.
Especially after rainy periods or when the snow is melting, the access on the stairs is not recommended as they are covered by the flowing water and the risks of falling are pretty big.
The provenance of the waterfalls is from Valea Șurii de Piatră River - a left tributary to the Timiș River.
Whether you are visiting this place in the summer or autumn, a must have during the journey are the hiking boots, being recommended in any season of the year, because until you reach the canyon you will need to follow a track through the forest which is dampy most of the time.


This time, the hiking markers you will need to follow are two - the yellow one starting at the beginning of the route until you cross the canyon, which is being switched with the red one once you got out of the canyon and you will need to go on a less frequented forest path but which will bring you at the point where the canyon's entrance is.
The main reason is to avoid the agglomeration of tourists on the stairs because it will take way too much time to wait for people to either go down/go up on the stairs until your turn comes.


So once you entered the canyon you can't return on the same route but make it to the end and then follow the red marker.


Another interesting aspect about the 7 Stairs Canyon is that once you visited the canyon, you can opt for a different way to return instead of hiking through the forest, but actually see it from above as the entire route from the beginning until you reach the entrance of the canyon is being home for hundreds of ziplines which fills your soul with another round of adrenaline.
The 7 Stairs Canyon is also the place where is located the longest zipline from Romania measuring a length of 2,1 km.
The zipline is made out of 23 tracks where you need to stop and switch the cables, with lengths between 47-273m. There are also different levels of difficulty for the children who wish to also try out the ziplines and once you pay for the ticket, you will be granted with protection equipment.


List of tickets, prices and schedule:

  • Zipline (for children): 20 RON (4.24EUR);
  • Zipline (for adults): 50 RON (10.6EUR);
  • Canyon's entrance (for children): 5 RON (1.06EUR);
  • Canyon's entrance (for adults): 10 RON (2.12EUR).
    There is also a little shop from where you can buy some food or drinks.
  • Schedule: 10 AM - 6 PM.

Now maybe you are asking why is it there a tax for visiting the canyon - the reason is that the canyon hasn't looked like this from all the time, I actually visited it 5 years ago when all you could see was some broken stairs that wouldn't help you enjoy it properly but which, fortunately, were renovated and now the access is being made very easy.
The money which is collected from the canyon entrance is being gathered to also renovate the Tamina Canyon which is barely visited by tourists due to the high risk of slipping over on the stairs that are partially broken or detached from the stones anyway.


In this way, the canyons are promoting each other and the Tamina Canyon will also get more visitors once the renovations are being made.
I know - I always considered that the best things in life are always wild and free, and that's why I appreciate nature so much because it has a lot of things to offer and it doesn't cost anything.
But in this case, even if you need to pay for a ticket to visit something in the middle of nature, take it as your little contribution to something great which is yet to be born. Make your contribution be the thing that changes the world and gives a hand of help to nature which is being less and less appreciated from a year to another. Or take it as your little return to nature which was always by your side offering you lots of love without asking for something instead. But now it needs your help.


The 7 Stairs Canyon is one of the most unique places from Eastern Europe as it dates since the Mesozoic period. The legend says that lots of years ago, the place where the canyon is, it was initially a place populated with dinosaurs.
This conclusion has been made by geologists who digged deep into both the ground and stones and discovered rests of fossils.
The bottom part of the canyon has a yellow colour and it serves to the Jurassic side, and the upper one for Triassic.
A more recent legend says that the canyon was the main test for the young girls who wished to marry but who were firstly challenged by their lovers. The first part of the challenge was to reach the beginning of the canyon - in this way their strength was tested, and then to spend a night on the top of the canyon without getting into a fight to each other. If both of the conditions were respected, the teenagers were considered being meant to to be together for the rest of the life.


The surprises are not ending here, because the 7 Stairs Canyon is also being recognized for the many miracles made on the human's psychic.
The fresh air of the mountain has a big quantity of ozone because the canyon is being located on an altitude of 1050m and the constant noise made of the flowing water creates the perfect combination for psychological recovery.


To access the canyon you can follow DN1 until you reach Timişul de Sus from where you will find the yellow marker that takes you to the canyon (~1 hour), or if you come with the train you have the option to go down on Timişul de Sus train station and follow the same route.
Both of the tracks are closely connected and are leading to the same destination.




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