Let's travel together #111 - Lacul Scropoasa (Scropoasa Lake)

GabrielaTravels @gabrielatravelsJuly 2019 · 4 min read

Either we are talking about a blue marvellous lake or the place which is powering some of the most important hydropowers from Romania, it all leads to a hidden gem in the middle of nature that will amaze you with its beauty and mystery.


Scropoasa Lake is located in Bucegi Mountains, on the valley of the Ialomița River and it is a lake with an artificial dam created back in 1929 with hydro energetic purposes.
The lake represents the first touristic attraction we will get to visit on our journey on Zănoaga Gorges, and it is situated on an altitude of 1.197m with a maximum depth of 15m.
Right next to the lake can be found the chalet with the same name (Scropoasa Chalet), but also one of the hydropowers which is being powered continuously by the lake, also named Scropoasa Hydropower, which is one of the oldest hydropowers from Romania (built in 1936).
Even though the lake might seem pretty small, in reality - it covers a total surface of 5,7ha becoming one of the most important touristic attractions from the southern side of Romania.


The colour of the lake is not less impressive, making me remember of The Emerald Lake from Racoș, or The Bei Eye Lake from Apuseni Mountains. The entire place is even more spectacular when there is being created little layers of fog above the lake, making you think the lake itself is a thermal one.



Scropoasa Lake also makes the transition between the two gorges I talked about in my previous post, Zănoaga Gorges and Orzei Gorges, being able to start the journey on Orzei Gorges through the natural tunnel which was digged into the 100m high stones by people around 75 years ago, but where the access to visiting this place is being restricted due to the risk of falling rocks, from time to time.
Both Zănoaga Gorges and Orzei Gorges, are being known as some of the narrowest gorges from Romania, most of the time being very hard to walk two by two due to the risk of slipping over. The maximum width of the gorges is of 6m, but which is being reduced to 1m or 2m while you are crossing the forest.



The colour of the lake is either green emerald or light blue depending on the time of the year when you are visiting it or the weather which contributes to its change.
But no matter which one of them you will get to see when you visit it, both of them are equally spectacular and will make you realize how beautiful nature is and how much we need it in our lives.
The colour of Scropoasa Lake it's mostly given by the immaculacy of the water which flows from the heart of the mountains, but also from the waterfall which is on just 5 minutes away from the lake, being also the purest spring in the country.

As I already mentioned in my previous post, Zănoaga Gorges represents a trail very frequented by bears and that's why the track itself is not void of the many warning panels related to this aspect, so make sure to talk loud and make your presence felt so the bears will hear you and stay away from your journey.


As soon as you come to the end of Zănoaga Gorges you will meet a tiny house where is living a man who owns 3 big dogs, so if you see any dog footprints in the forest or the dogs themselves, don't be afraid of them as they are very friendly and are often accompanying the tourists in their journeys. Once you reach this tiny house, right next to it is Scropoasa Chalet and then the hydropower station and the marvellous lake.




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What a lovely lake. It's a really attractive canyon with water. Very cool!

Boots. Many boots, all over that beautiful water. Wonderful!


Haha, yeah. Lots of boots pictures! They are just never enough, lol
Thanks! Love the lake as well, and I hope I will return there one day :)


Such blue water @gabrielatravels, so beautiful :) I would love to just spend some quiet time on that lake, truly inspirational and so peaceful. Looks like another great adventure, perfect shots!


It definitely was! I guarantee! :D


Thanks for taking me along on your hike. I enjoyed the scenery! :-)


Thank you for your time! Glad you enjoyed it :)


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I love the colour of the lake here and I have to say blue is my favourite colour, really adds a magic to the whole Gorge! Thanks for taking us on a journey through the gorge here! Looking forward to the next one and glad the bears didn't get you!


Hehe! Glad you enjoy blue so badly, as I'm sure this lake is definitely waiting for you to visit it! :D


Well I've seen both the blue and green lakes when I was in New Zealand and although both are beautiful, blue just makes it awesome for me. I hope to visit one day now I have some information from the best guide going 😁


Hehe, I hope so too! Thank you! :D