Let's travel together #112 - Cascada 7 Izvoare (7 Springs Waterfall)

GabrielaTravels @gabrielatravelsJuly 2019 · 5 min read

Have you ever wondered where is located the purest water in the world?
Or maybe where Zamolxe drunk water for the very first time?
Well, now it's your chance to figure out some interesting facts about a waterfall which is hidden deep into the heart of the mountains.


Coming up with a continuation and also the last touristic attraction from our journey on Zănoaga Gorges, 7 Springs Waterfall is not less impressive as it is known already that the last things are always the best ones.
7 Springs Waterfall is located on just 15 mins away from Scropoasa Lake, on a different path than what we followed so far but also marked with the blue symbol, this time on a forest road than the one into the forest we got used with.
To this one we can arrive also by driving a car, and that is not random at all.
That's how - Bucegi Mountains not only that hide lots of interesting touristic attractions but also some hidden gems, as it is the waterfall presented in today's post that represents the purest water not only in Romania, but also in the world.


Also known as Zamolxe's water, 7 Springs Waterfall was discovered more than 2.000 years ago and after specialists made hundreds of tests starting with 1927, the results showed that the water which flows in 7 different springs doesn't contain any bacteria, this being a thing that is not encountered to any other water in the world.

The name of the waterfall is also not randomly chosen, as the number 7 has the meaning of the 7 seas and 7 countries that take you around the world, the creation of the world in only 7 days, the 7 miracles of the world, and so on.
After the water was confirmed as being the purest in the world, people started calling it 7 Springs Waterfall considering it also one of the world's treasures.
Being such a gem, the stories and legends are not less numerous as the reasons why is it called this way, and that's how you will get the answer to why there is a forest road on the way to it that is often accessed by cars and bikes. The reason is pretty foreseeable as many people are coming from all over the country to fill their bottles with the cleanest water in the world.
Another reason is that Nicolae Ceaușescu who was the Romanian president during communism, tried to make some business with this water, wanting to sell it to the americans for the bottling.


But like every place of honour has at least one legend that says how it appeared and how it used to be thousands of years ago, 7 Springs Waterfall also has one which makes reference to the 2nd name of it - The Zamolxe's water or The real water.
Located on 1296m height, the waterfall that both fills your mind with peace and your body with healthy water is being formed through 7 different springs that flow through the heart of the mountains and from where Zamolxe itself drunk for the first time. Some other incredible stories show that people who were suffering from cruel diseases got healed as soon as they started drinking from this place or the Geto-Dacians who became immortals. This is how the waterfall started being considered as a blessed location which later on was proved by the many tests that showed there are 0 bacteria in the water, even if there is no other water in the world with less than 5 bacteria.


With a debt of over 400L per second, the place registers tens of people who are frequently coming at this place just to fill their bottles.
One of the reasons why the water is so pure is that it gets through some silver diggings which filters the water making it impossible to get germs, but also the ground's magnetism being very high in that area and which gets in order the molecular structure of the water.
Another study shows that the water not only that gets through the ground, but it comes from an underground lake which never gets dry, that it's hidden in an unknown cave.


To get to 7 Springs Waterfall you can by either starting the trail on Zănoaga Gorges which is a 1 hour and a half journey into the forest, or by following any of the following routes:

  • DN1 (until you reach Sinaia) -> go on the left when you reach Cuibul Dorului Chalet -> Șaua Dichiu -> Zănoaga -> Zănoaga Camping;
  • DN71 (through Târgoviște) -> Pucioasa -> Moroeni -> TransBucegi -> Cuibul Dorului Chalet -> Șaua Dichiu -> Zănoaga -> Zănoaga Camping;
  • Sinaia -> Târgoviște (on DN71) -> Moroeni -> Glod -> TBC Moroeni Sanatorium -> Padina -> Camping Zănoaga.




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Another amazing post my friend. What a beautiful waterfall this is. A true nature's masterpiece.

I am not surprised it is also a natural cleanser of water. We have a similar thing here in Croatia as well. You can freely drink it with no problems with bacteria or any other stuff. And, of course, no chlorine, fluoride, and other crap we find in our tap water.

Thank you for sharing another amazing post with us. Have a beautiful day. :)


Thank you so much! And you will be surprised but over here you can drink from almost any waterfall! Because the water is so pure that there is no risk in drinking it. That's why when we go hiking we don't bother bringing too much water with us. :)


Such a unique place and no bacteria is unheard of! Well, I do know that it has been tested and test there and it is true, but, unheard of anywhere else.

I wonder if there is any scientific evidence of the health benefits for those that have certain ailments?

As always, the scenery is amazing and your writing is superb. I love reading your posts! Thank you so much! It kind of reminds me of the pilgrimage I made for holy water, for my grandmother.



Thank you so much! And indeed is something incredible that I also haven't heard before or in any other place!
Don't know about the evidence of the health benefits of those who drink from this place but there are sure a lot, especially that any other water has bacteria. There sure is a difference which is being felt during the time. :)


Beautiful shots and very informative Looks like a magical place to visit


It is!


wow this is so mesmerizing - all details on how to reach and all about the place is just too good :)


Thank you so much!!! :)


Well now I'm going to have to go there and fill my bottle because I love hiking, waterfalls and water :D What a beautiful place! No bacteria at all?! Amazing!

Thanks for sharing this nugget with us :)


Haha, it's waiting for you! :)


It's just truly a beautiful place. And with water that pure? Amazing.

There's a place up on the rim above the Snake River called 1000 springs. It's pretty impressive in a different way but the volume of water leaving the rock is incredible...

I'm guessing a one boot rating is better than none :) Thanks Gabriela.


I never heard of that place but damn, it looks gorgeous! I wish we had something similar over here. :)

And I was very curious if you will notice the one boot, hahaha. Jackpot! :D


Looks like a wonderful trip @gabrielatravels. I have not heard of this place it looks so serene and peaceful. Water naturally without bacteria, that is wonderful there is still one left in the world. Let's hope people don't spoil it.


It is very peaceful and silent. Even though is a waterfall, which is magical! :)
And yeah, I couldn't say it better. I really hope people will not spoil this one, it's just so important for all of us!


That looks like a very beautiful and interesting place. Thanks for showing it to us.

Congratulations on being featured by @vibesforlife in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest


Thank you so, so much!! It is indeed a great place, and I'm happy you took the time to read about it and you even enjoyed discovering it :)


Beautiful place!

Thanks for sharing and greetings.


Thanks for stopping by!


Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us.

I found you thanks to @vibesforlife featuring you in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest. Keep up the great work!


Thanks for stopping by! And thanks once again to @vibesforlife for featuring my post! It's great receiving such a beautiful support! :)