It's often said that visitng a waterfall may represent one of the most spectacular things you can see while on an outdoors adventure, but what about a Howling Waterfall?
While some of the waterfalls are hypnotizing you with their glitter, some with their flow and some with their size, the waterfall presented on today's post will strike you with its howl.
So let's discover its story.


The Howling Waterfall can be found in the Bucegi Mountains from Romania and it represents one of the most beautiful waterfalls from the country.
So it's no wonder that the enchanting waterfall attracts every year thousands of tourists from all over the place, ready to discover a new wild place and its story.
Depending on the time of the year when you are visiting the 15m height waterfall, the track may take from 1 hour and a half to 2 hours - so take your time to relax and enjoy your journey up to this beauty.


It's also known that the Bucegi Mountains are one of the most beautiful mountains from Romania due to how many spectacular touristic attraction they have. The problem is that most of them are asking for a lot of effort from you and your body and they are not that easy to be accessed by those who are not having a good fettle.
Fortunately, The Howling Waterfall represents the easiest track from this area and it's created with the help of the Urlatoarea brook.
The whole trail up to the waterfall is marked with a red dot and even though it's considered a relaxing walk between the mountains, there are still different dangers that can show up.
Throughout time there have been several accidents or even deaths due to the tourists who are not respecting the warning signs about the slippery rocks and that it's forbidden to try and climb them.
Some other warning signs are also announcing the fact that in this place were noticed many bears so better watch out.

The name of the waterfall was given by the loud noise created when the water is falling out, but the name is also representing the ceaselessly crying of a grieved woman.
The legend says that there were two shepherd brothers who fell in love with a young wonderful lady (which was considered the most beautiful girl from the city) but without knowing that they were both loving the same girl.
When they found out this detail they asked the girl to make a choice between them two, but as the lady denied the request, they started fighting till death.
When the girl found out about the tragedy that happened, she threw herself off the mountain.
This is how where the girl died was created the waterfall which represents her eternal crying for the two brothers and the two mountains that surround the waterfall are the bodies of the guys, named- Jepul Mic and Jepul Mare.


On just a few more hundreds of meters above the waterfall, there can be found two more waterfalls, smaller though - called The Great Howling Waterfall and The Little Howling Waterfall.
It's true that not many people get the chance to visit them as the route is not developed and there are huge risks to slip over.
Nearby the waterfall it's a throne-shaped stone called The Queen's Armchair - a place where the Queen Mary stopped by and rest, according to what local people are saying. However the stone can be visited only by connoisseurs as the trail is not marked.


To get to The Howling Waterfall you have to drive on DN1 (the direction to Sinaia) then change to Telecabinei Street.
On this street you will find the Silva Hotel from where the path to the waterfall starts. The route will get you parallel to the water until the road turns-off. You will need to follow the red dot which takes you to the left - the route to the right is marked with a blue triangle and is the way to the The Burned Stone Chalet. (RO: Cabana Piatra Arsa)
Either way you can also arrive to the waterfall from Poiana Tapului.

Even though the track is easy to be accessed even by 3 years old kids, as I have already mentioned there are risks to slip over depending on the time of the year when you are visiting the waterfall.
So before you venture into a new journey.. below you will find a list with the


  • hiking boots;
  • raincoat;
  • a bottle of water;
  • and LOTS of fun!!!



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