Let's travel together #80 - Cărturești Carousel (Special Guest - Anna Todd)

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I often confessed the fact that I will periodically go into an outdoors adventure rather than an indoors one. But today is going to be an exception and not a random place we will visit together but one of the most fascinating libraries from Romania and definitely a heaven for bookworms.
As I have already said, I always try to bring a special post every time when I change the prefix of my travel posts and as today we reached the number
#80 - it's one of those moments.
But more than this, not only that you will discover another passion of mine, which is reading; but also see myself meeting one of my favourite authors which is going to make me become even more enthusiastic writing about Cărturești Carousel. :)


Located in the old town of Bucharest, Cărturești Carousel represents the biggest library from Romania which is a huge building extended on 6 levels, all of them being dedicated to the book lovers...but not only.
And when I'm saying that it's even more than just books I'm talking about all the opportunities you have to do whatever you want once you cross the threshold.
Back in time, this place represented an important bank for the family known as Chrissoveloni, which later on had to be considered as bankrupt after the economic crisis from 1929-1933 which made all the family business turn into dust and ruins.
So this is how a business ended but another one was yet to be started, even though it had nothing to do with banks or anything financial related.


It's often considered not just a bookstore but most likely a heaven for art lovers, bookworms and even gaming fans. Or whoever loves enjoying a hot drink on a quiet place, because on the last level of the Cărturești Carousel you will find a bistro which is ready for its visitors.


Also known as the "Carousel of Light", the gorgeous library has an entire level dedicated to different old moments surprised into pictures which are adapted to the modern concepts with a very delicate line. The name is not randomly picked as the whole building is white (both inside and outside) which completes the paradisiacal aspect just right.





As I like to say that every book has its own reader, so is Cărturești Carousel with a capacity of over 10,000 books, having the pleasure to satisfy all the readers which are coming by, with various genres of books, from strategy to education, from business to history, from fiction to drama, to romance, to comedy and so on...
The best part is that the carousel has been adapted for all kinds of people and not only for bookworms which makes it become a different library for anyone who loves quiet places - the art lovers having the first floor dedicated for them with a beautiful gallery ready to conquer its visitors.
There is even a multimedia center located in the basement and many special places for socializing or reading in the library.
And if this is not enough, keep in mind that there are many shelves with lots of interesting things which can be bought and become the perfect birthday present or random gifts for your friends & family.





Even though the first library called Cărturești was built up in 2000, Cărturești Carousel appeared a little bit later - in 2015. Nowadays the whole company is owning 12 such libraries in Romania, in cities like Arad, Bucharest, Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj, Iasi, Constanta and Suceava.


I know that the pictures I took are not the best, or at least they are not showing the real beauty of this place and that is caused of a great event I had the pleasure to attend to, and that was meeting the one and only Anna Todd. So this is how Cărturești Carousel was actually looking in that day. (7th October)




Lots of people waiting for Anna to come by and tell a little about the new series she is releasing but also about the movie which was very waited by many fans of the "After" series.


One of them of course, being me. :)


Anna Todd is a 29 years old author who started writing about a fictional love story between teenagers which never thought it was actually going to become an entire series of 5 volumes, some of them having even 800 pages.
She just kept writing even if wasn't too encouraged by people to continue doing it but later on after she published it on Wattpat, it turned into a huge success which changed her life radically.
After the strike she had on Wattpad, Anna also started writing the books. But the huge number of readers wanted even more than that, so they asked for a movie which no one thought it was actually going to happen - but while on Cărturești Carousel, Anna told us that she finished making the movie back in August but it's going to be released on April in the next year.
An important aspect is that the movie is also going to have more parts which are at least 2 or 3, according to what Anna Todd said.
The famous author wasn't there just to told us what she did but to also answer to all the questions we had, just to make us meet her how she is behind all those books written - and it was a pleasure to find out how from being a fan, she turned into having lots of fans, discovering the meaning of her tattoos, how she got through tough moments when she just didn't know how to continue the story, how she left the love story of the series go with the flow and she didn't have a predetermined plan for it, and many more.


Anna arrived at Cărturești Carousel on 4 P.M. and it was supposed to stay until 7 P.M. to give autographs and take pictures with her fans, but it turned out to stay until 9 P.M. just because she couldn't step back without meeting each one of us, which was insane.

So if you thought the library was crowded, just take a look at how it became when the autographs sessions started.


Even if Anna Todd came to Cărturești Carousel right from the airport and she was damn tired, she was actually talking with each one of the people who were there for her. She turned the autographs session into a beautiful conversation between friends and not between an author and its fans which was fantastic.



Four hours later you could barely see a difference from the beginning because people kept coming even if others were leaving. And some others were just waiting and giving Anna some space while reading some books and discovering the Carousel of Light.

But on a little over 8 P.M. I've finally managed to reach Anna and meet her in person, even took a picture and an autograph which definitely made my night, and day, and week, and everything - because I've never been one of those crazy fans running after their idols but rather staying behing a book or a monitor and appreciate their hard work, so those few minutes close to Anna Todd were, and will always be priceless.



Cărturești Carousel is located on Street Lipscani nr. 55, Bucharest, Romania and a faster option to get on there is by taking the metro which will bring you to Unirii Square Station and from where you will need to walk just 5 minutes more until you get to the old town where the library is situated.
The beautiful night ended with a peaceful walk - just 5 minutes away from the Cărturești Carousel where you will find a special place dedicated to lots of colourful fountains which are moving to the beat of the music that can be heard in the background.

I couldn't ask for more in that day.









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