Let's travel together #84 - Zoo Târgoviște (Romania)

GabrielaTravels @gabrielatravelsNovember 2018 · 8 min read

Visiting a Zoological Garden might not represent the best thing you can do if you love animals.
Because being an animal lover and going to a place where you see lots of animals in many cages will break your heart, especially if you don't find them in a good condition.
But let's say that today's post is a happy one as most of the animals were looking pretty good, like they got used with that environment, enjoying when people come closer to admire their beauty.


Today's post is coming as a continuation of my latest article where I stopped the journey at the Chindiei Park.
Something that I didn't mention in that post is that from the park you can make your access to the Zoological Garden from Targoviste which takes only 10 minutes of continuous walking through the park. I know that many people judge Zoos for keeping animals closed inside the cages for people's entertainment - because I'm one of them.
But I'm always trying to find the best part in everything and today would be that these animals were looking pretty good and the people from there are taking care of them. Which is something rare..

The Zoological Garden is extended on a surface of 4ha and it represents the home for animals from Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Africa with places specially designed for each kind of animal.

The Zoological Garden has the pretty same schedule as Curtea Domneasca:

Monday - closed
Tuesday - Sunday: 10 AM - 7 PM (15 March - 30 September)
Tuesday - Sunday: 9 AM - 4 PM (1 October - 14 March)

There are also some taxes you need to pay in order to visit the Zoo and other benefits:

Entrace Fee (Adults) - 7RON (1.5EUR)
Entrace Fee (Children/Students) - 4 RON (0.85EUR)
Entrace Fee (Retirees) - 3RON (0.65EUR)
Group (minimum 10 persons) - 3 RON (0.65EUR)
Persons with disabilities - 3 RON (0.65EUR)
Photo/Video Fee - 20 RON (4.30EUR)
Monthly Subscription (Adults) - 100RON (21.45EUR)
Monthly Subscription (Children) - 60RON (12.85EUR)
Free Entrance (Children) on 1st June
Riding Pony in the weekends - 5RON/15mins (1.1EUR)


The number of tourists that are visiting the Zoological Garden is huge - around 100.000 visitors every year. Even more sometimes.
And that is not random because the number of species that are living there is also impressive. Even though the garden is not the biggest one from Romania, it's definitely one of the most beautiful ones where the animals are safe and well maintained.
The entire list of animals that can be found there can be checked HERE, but for now I would like to bring in the spotlight some of them who really caught my attention:


Iguana Verde represents one of the biggest lizards being able to reach the length of 2m.
The strongest part of the body is its tail which is used as a whip for self-defence.
When a green iguana is born, it's feeding with insects and vegan food and after 3 months of living, they start eating only fruits, vegetables and leaves.


Even though its character is similar to the usual cats, the stingray is in a strong relationship of kindred with sharks.
The most dangerous part of its body is the tail which represents a spike made of bone which contains venom. Its tail was used to create spearheads and her skin for manufacturing drums.


There are 8 types of tigers but the Siberian Tiger represents the biggest one from them, being distinguished with the less number of lines from its skin.
When new babies are born, the male is the only one who brings food while the babies stay together to their mother.


Due of its structure you can never figure out when a goat is pregnant or not even at later gestations.
The natural milk produced by a goat can be the remedy for many rare diseases.
Even though its milk is very important, the one produced by a goat represents only 2% of the global amount of milk.


They have 3 different glands used to mark their territory.
Only the males have antlers, the female being different physical.
The deer are the animals with the biggest horns, which are starting to grow at the beginning of May and it ends in September, every single year.
Knowing the age of a deer is by checking its teeth, being the only part that expresses exactly how many years the animal is.
The most developed sense is the smell which helps the deer feel when a predator is approaching.


Even though it's a fish, from December to March it's hibernating in one of the pits he digs to the bottom of the water.
This kind of fish can also live on the shore for a limited time, being able to walk with the help of the pectoral swings.


Their spikes were used by the Native Americans to decorate their clothes and boots or by women as hairpins.
Along with the human evolution, the porcupine started being considered as dangerous animals, but in reality, they have a very shy trait and they help other animals by eating the leaves of the trees, making a better stronger lighting in the forest.


It represents the biggest bird in the world, measuring a height of 275 cm and a weight of 130 kg.
The ostrich's legs are the strongest part of the body, which are used for running, being able to reach a speed of 70km/h, even after running 50km/h for 30 mins.


Ancistrus represents the most popular fishes for aquariums which are deeply appreciated by people for their peaceful and friendly behaviour.
They are feeding with algae, being part of the Loriicaridae family that has 60 different species of fishes.


Something that many people don't know is that there is this kind of translucent fish which represent the most playful underwater creature but who gets easily scared when the light is too powerful.
They eat pretty anything, from insects to leaves to tablets and flakes.


Represents one of the bear species that are never hibernating but actually having just a sleepy mood.
The female is giving birth to her babies during the winter into the den.
Currently, Romania owns the biggest number of brown bears from Europe, which makes the animal feel like home compared with any other European country.
In spite of its frightening appearance, he mostly feeds with mushrooms, blackberries, raspberries, honey, ants and corn, eating meat only from dead bodies and mice.
The brown bear is one of the animals with the most advanced senses, being able to feel the smell of a person from 400m away or hear a branch breaking from 100m.


The females have a more bulging abdomen than males which are distinguishing with the colour of their tail being brighter.
Even though it's a shark, its behaviour is very peaceful and friendly, representing a common fish for aquariums.


They live only in groups of 20-25, being led by a female which is considered the alpha.
The members of the group are either the babies of the alpha couple or their siblings and their power of surviving depend on how good the relationship of the group is.
Only the alpha couple is allowed to give birth to new babies.
If other suricates make babies, they are expelled from the group.
The mature suricates are immune to the scorpion venom, and they protect themselves to other predators by scratching and biting them, until they die or retire.
The biggest weight they can reach is of 730g.


Represents one of the most beautiful and graceful species of fish which live in aquariums. For a group of 2 crucian fan tailed is needed a minimum of 75L of water, even though it might seem too much for the little ones, but they grow up very fast. They have a very little stomach and they eat as much food as its given to them, so the risk of dying because of food, is common.


They are members of the camel family which are considered domestic animals that can easily live together with people or other domestic animals.
The difference between lama and camels is that they have 3 stomachs instead of 4.
These can live between 30 and 50 years and they are very friendly.


The owl can't rotate its eyes so in order to look in lateral she must rotate his entire head.
She's the biggest nocturnal raptor from the world.
The eyes of the owl are very big and these occupy half of its face.
She annually eats a number of 10.000 mice which could spread many diseases if the owls wouldn't keep under control their propagation.
There are 135 different species of owls but only 50 of them are nocturnal, the others being able to hunt even during the day.
They usually eat little animals such as: rabbits, mice, rats, muskrat, etc.




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Remy @guchtereNovember 2018

I’m with you, that a zoo isn’t only a bad thing, but they do some good for animals too. Sure they ain’t living free but there also better zoo’s out there.. Does this zoo have some programs for keeping species to prevent them from extinction?


I think yes. I know that they keep safe some rare species. And each animal has a special program for eating which is written down the cage. Like what they are served with and when :)


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mathowl @mathowlNovember 2018

oh that owl looks so sad


Yeah I know.. 😖


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Voted the both projects! Omg thank you so much guys! This is the best day of my life!!! ♥️


I did not know that females were the alphas among suricates. That is new to me so thank you for sharing and educating me!


The same thing is for wolves. Thanks for reading! :)


Another awesome post, Gabriela! I also love the formatting! Congrats on the Curie upvote! ;0) Well deserved!


Thanks! I've been so surprised to see the upvote from curie and steemstem. Too sad the steem is down this period lol. Thanks for reading and I'm happy you enjoyed the post! :)


I feel like I am ready for a pub quiz on animals now haha! Great information on the zoo you have in Romania. I'm not much of a zoo person myself, prefer seeing the animals in the habitat but if you say they are well looked after and don't appear under duress then that's a good thing. Thanks for sharing :)


Hey! Where have you been? I've missed you! Lol :)

Thanks for stopping by. I also prefer to see them in their natural habitat but I'm also happy that they were in a good condition when I visited the Zoo. Yeah I tried to bring something interesting about every single animal I took a photo with, things less known. Glad you enjoyed the post!! :)


I know I am sorry haha! I have my fingers in too many pies at the moment! Slowly trimming down what I am doing but it's difficult 😀 I just don't do enough travel posts at the moment as am focusing on music.

Love the detail you go into on the posts, making me want to post a few more myself. I do have a few blogs surfacing. Not a travel one tonight but do have a travel diary coming up 😊


Oh, I see. Hope everything is fine :)


Thank you, it will be. Hope it's all OK with you 😀


Thank you, @gabrielatravels, both for the beautiful smiles and the great story with rich and interesting info!

Funny there is a town with the same name in Bulgaria :) Translated in means "Marketplace", is it the same in Romanian?

Steem on!



Hey there. Thanks for taking some time off to read and comment at my post. I'm feeling so honored that you enjoyed it! :)

Cool that there is another country that has a town with this name, but nope, it can't be translated into English as "Marketplace" :D

Steem on!


My pleasure!

How would you translate it? I know sometimes it is hard to translate names :)


I'm sorry but I really don't know. It doesn't really means something :)


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