The wild inner me would rather live in a cave or a tent into the mountains instead of a palace, but what happens when you discover a palace surrounded by nature with all the elements you need in order to feel chilled out and how your batteries are recharging slowly?
That is the moment when you realize you are in the right place at the right moment and you won't regret this trip but actually stock it deep into your heart.


On just 15km away from the capital of Romania - Bucharest, you will have the pleasure to discover one of the perfect places for recreation, away from the traffic lights, crowded streets or the endless noise which are getting your energy drained in just a few hours without even noticing it.
The place I'm talking about is called Mogoșoaia Palace and even from your first steps on the alley that leads you back in time, will help you realize that one day you will come back and let your body get fully refreshed after many days spent at work without getting enough free time to run away into the nature.
To reach the destination you have to either drive the car by following the next route: Piata Victoriei -> Casa Presei Libere -> Bulevardul Poligrafiei -> Parc Bazilescu -> Primaria Mogoșoaia or just pick one of the easiest ways by taking the subway to the Parc Bazilescu (M4) station and from there get into the bus nr. 460 that will leave you right in front of the complex. Another way is by taking the bus nr. 331 from Piata Romana to Damaroaia station and from there the bus nr. 460.

The address of the Mogoșoaia Complex is:
Str. Valea Parcului nr. 1, Mogoșoaia, Ilfov County

The schedule of the Mogoșoaia Complex:
Monday - closed
Tuesday - Sunday - 10 AM - 8 PM (during the summer)
Tuesday - Sunday - 9 AM - 5 PM (during the winter)

The main building of the complex (Mogoșoaia Palace) can be visited starting with 1st May from 10 AM - 6 PM and the entrance fee is 5RON (1,08EUR) for adults and 3RON (0,65EUR) for students.



It's one of the buildings that will pleasantly surprise you from the first sight with its elegance that invites you to meditation and relaxation while getting your soul richer with new memories.
The palace was built by Constantin Brâncoveanu on the right side of Colentina River back in 1702 which was offered with love to his son, Stefan.
The architecture of the palace contains Renaissance, Oriental and Baroque details mixed with Brâncoveanu's personal style which is being perfectly combined with the bloody colour of the brick and the green landscape.
After 119 years since the palace was in possession of Brâncoveanu family, it became the property of Bibescu family which added a few more sculptures to the complex - one of them being Capela Gheorghe Bibescu (Gheorghe Bibescu Chapel) where the graves of the last owners together with their kinsfolk, can be visited.
Constantin Brâncoveanu and his family had a pretty cruel ending being assassinated at Constantinople in 1714 when the entire complex was confiscated by the Ottomans who turned it into an inn. The palace was devastated by Ottomans many times during the Russo Turkish War from 1768-1774 and then again during the Revolution from 1821.

Even though the complex was renovated for many times, the original architecture and the way it was first built, has been maintained.



Created back in 1702, the gate tower represents the entrance to the complex from where you have the possibility to climb the stairs and admire the entire complex from a decent altitude that will offer some great pictures and memories in that place.
The gate tower divides the place where the food was cooked to the place where it was served but also opens up the alleys to the palace, lake and park.




Created in the same style, with the same architecture as the palace, the Brancovan Kitchen was representing the place where the food was prepared by the chefs and served by the waiters to the noble people that were passing the gates.
The kitchen was built in 1681-1702 and even though it represents the place where the food was prepared, the restaurant was not in the same building but actually on a few meters away from it so the clients won't get disturbed by the smell of the food or the noise from the kitchen but admire the landscape in silence and with their own thoughts.



Renewed in 1927-1936, with a triple function, the sculpture is currently considered being the Conference and Residential Center that owns two conference rooms with 50-75 seats.
A 2nd function is the guest house that represents its main purpose when was built back in XVII by Nicolae Bibescu with 16 rooms that can host 25 people who wish to sleep on there.
Last but not least, the 3rd function of the building is of a restaurant where the people who come by can still enjoy some of the well-cooked food prepared by chefs. The restaurant has a capacity of 120 seats, that can be rented for important events such wedding or baptism.



If you want to get detached by the historical buildings that are surrounding you, you have the option to walk a little bit further to the English Park which was realised between 1921-1922 by Martha Bibescu, who used to design the place with lots of flowers and gardens, to fill your soul and mind with peace while resting on one of the benches and letting the wind caressing your face.

If you are more of a picnic person, there is no problem in bringing your own food, a blanket and create some cool memories while admiring the landscape with Mogoșoaia Lake.
Some of the other activities that you can enjoy are playing badminton, volleyball, eating barbeque at the grill, renting the pedal boat for a ride on the lake and even waterboarding.
Waterboarding gives you the chance to do nautic ski on the lake, without being professional and with no limits of age.
If you are new in this activity you can follow a course of initiation which is 30 RON (6.45EUR) for the first time and then 20 RON (4.30EUR) the others.
Renting the special equipment requires an additional amount of 20 RON (4.30EUR) to be paid.
And for 10 mins of waterboarding on the lake the fee is 40 RON (8.60EUR) during the week and 45 RON (9.70EUR) in the weekend.





For an even more relaxing place, actually the quietest one in the complex, you can go to the Mogoșoaia Park where nature is wilder than what you've seen before and where you can hang a hammock between the trees or read a book while being properly connected with nature.
There are also special events organised from time to time, as for example when I visited this location back in May there was a hot air balloon which was taking the kids on free rides above the complex. It's all up to you how you decide to spend a day in nature with so many possibilities, but I swear I could see my tent being placed between that group of tall trees.




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