Probably not one of the best towers in the world but definitely, one of the few with such a beautiful story behind it and that is so rich in history and great views once you reach the top of it.
A visit to Turnul Sfatului will make you feel like being on top of the world and it worth every single step you make on the stairs through the tower.


Among the many beautiful places you have to visit while you are in Sibiu, Romania, Turnul Sfatului (EN: The Tower of the Council) is high on the list.
Turnul Sfatului is located in Piaţa Mică and the first thought you will have once you see it, will be - why is it in the middle of the city a tower so big?.
Well, the reason is pretty simple: because until the 15th century it used to be a tower defence but with the passage of time, it lost his role, nowadays having multiple tasks such as grain storage, prison, museum and even point of fire observation.
Like it wasn't enough, Turnul Sfatului blesses you with one of the greatest landscapes of the city, from where during the winter you will see the Christmas Market in all its glory.



Monday - Sunday: 8 AM - 8 PM (during the summer)
Monday - Sunday: 10 AM - 8 PM (during the winter)
For adults - 2 RON (0.45EUR)
For groups - 2 RON (0.45EUR)

The ticket office is located inside the tower - on the first level of the building.
So you can climb only the first level of the building for free and then you need to pay to see the rest of it, but the best part is that you will need to pay only one ticket which is really cheap and then you can enjoy the tower without needing to pay another tax for video/photo or other benefits.

Turnul Sfatului was created in the 13th century with the main purpose of tower defence and after many years that passed over it and each one of them left their marks, was included on the list with the most beautiful historical monuments from Sibiu in 2004. Nowadays, the tower represents the symbol of the city.


Back in time when the construction was built, it used to surround the entire center of the city, being two important towers which were serving the same purpose - to protect the city from enemies and whoever was attending on attacking it.

Turnul Sfatului was protecting the city hall, but in 1585 the tower partially collapses after a very powerful earthquake.
Along the time the tower suffered many damages but in 1588 the citizens of the city got involved on its reconstruction refusing to let it become only ruins.
In 1720, the tower guards began making use of the huge clock from the tower, and on every 30 mins that were passing, the guards were announcing it through the sound of drums.


The existing structure of the tower was given by the reconstructions from 1824-1826, the roof being the one who suffered the most changes from short shape to pyramidal, followed by high octagonal pyramidal before the 4 little towers instead of a big one, and finally - the current one.
The most important thing is that after more than 700 years since the tower was created, the people didn't give up on renovating it, currently, some of the rooms being still under renovations but waiting with impatience for the next visitors that will pass the little doors at the bottom of the tower.
The 141 stairs have a spiral shape and will take you through all the 7 levels of the tower, on each of them being a special room with a different theme.
Unfortunately, the first room was under renovations when I visited Turnul Sfatului but maybe you will get to visit it before I do it again and you will let me know what tales are hidden in there.


The second room is dedicated to all the important festivals and events from Sibiu, that city is proud with and will remain memorable for anyone who took part on them.





At the next level, you will be encountered by a sad warning message which is meant to apprise you from what you will see once you enter the next room. The room is a shelter for many pictures with a strong emotional impact on how people used to be punished with death.






On a different level you will discover a room filled with all kind of signatures and messages from visitors and people marked by history, but also from teenagers who are in love and feel like letting the whole world know about their happiness. There is also a guestbook where all the visitors are welcome to leave a personal impression, what they felt visiting the tower or just the signature and some nice wishes for the next guests.





Like passing back in time, on the 6th floor you will discover the clock mechanism that has dials on all the four sides of the tower, created back in 1494 and being the 2nd one from Romania. The clock is still working today, on over 500 years since it was created and anyone who visits the tower can see the entire mechanism of the clock but also the original documents of it.





The last level of Turnul Sfatului is a point of observation over the most part of the city from where the fires can be noticed or just admire the silence from above. There is also a small donations box for anyone who feels like giving a little bit more than the tax paid for the ticket because the tower really worth any penny.






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