As soon as the winter kicks in, most of the people are either hiding in their houses staying away from the cold temperature and reading a book, or just go out there and explore the world or have fun while playing the winter sports.
Funny or not, I'm somewhere at the middle because I do love to be cosy in my room reading a book but I do love to explore the world no matter what the season is.


On just 35 km away from Sibiu, you will discover Păltiniș, a city known for its beauty and which is being mostly visited by tourists during the winter, having some of the best slopes for ski and snowboarding.
It's true that Păltiniș represents just one of the many mountain resorts from Romania which is not even that popular as Poiana Brasov is, or any other places visited for snow sports, but what it makes it special and what not so many people know about, is that Păltiniș represents the oldest mountain resort (being inaugured in 1894) and it's one of the highest resorts in Romania, where you can have fun while snowboarding, skiing and even renting a snowmobile or ATV to discover the snowy trails into the forest.
Being situated on an altitude of 1442m, it also has more to offer than simple winter sports, such as great landscapes over the mountains which are getting hidden into the clouds and fog especially at the sunrise when nature awakens.
At the beginning of the 20th century, Păltiniș became more known into the Austro-Hungarian Empire, where people started considering it one of the best places where you can go and enjoy a great sunrise early in the morning.

The slopes you will discover at Păltiniș are numerous depending on different difficulty levels, so no matter if you are a beginner into the winter sports or a professional, there are many slopes specially arranged for all kind of people.
Some of them own small cottages where you can enter and enjoy a hot drink or just rest a little, but also a chairlift which will bring you on the peak from where you will start the way down to the resort by skiing or snowboarding under the curious spectator's eyes. A ride with the chairlift it usually costs around 5RON ( 1,1EUR) per person.
The best period of winter sports is between December and April when the weather and the snow are just perfect for this kind of activities.


Being located deep into the heart of the Cindrel Mountains, the mountain resort is surrounded by many forests which are hiding various trails to different touristic attractions. Close to some of these destinations are sheepfolds so if you meet a dog on the trail, don't get scared as it won't hurt you as long as you are a friendly person as well.



Another less known aspect, which is really important - the fresh alpine air from the mountain resort Păltiniș is considered the best therapeutic factor you could meet on the mountains from Romania, being highly ozonized and containing aerosols and ultraviolet radiations which are one of the best remedies for treating asthenia, the intellectual and physical breakdown, anaemia, growth shortcomings and pulmonary issues.

Even though Păltiniș is frequently visited by tourists especially during the winter, the mountain resort has a lot of activities to offer during the summer as well, such as enjoying the adventure parks, mountain biking, zorbing balls, a park with animals, and so on.


A place where everybody passes by on the way to the mountain resort is called Valare and it represents the point that offers the best view over the Făgăraș Mountains. It's the place where no matter what the hour is, you will always find lots of people taking pictures to the sunrise/sunset, relaxing while admiring the beautiful game of the clouds and the mountains or just stop by and be thankful for another day that passed.

To get to the mountain resort Păltiniș you have to follow:

DN1 if you are coming from Oradea;

DN7 if you are coming from Bucharest to Sibiu and then follow the local road through Rasinari until you reach the resort.

Another way is by taking the train on the route Bucharest - Brasov - Arad and then get into one of the public transports.

Depending on the hour there are pretty many companies which are organizing such rides, but it usually starts from 7 A.M. until 4 P.M.




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