Let's travel together #93 - Schitul Pietroasa (Monastery „Pietroasa”)

GabrielaTravels @gabrielatravelsFebruary 2019 · 4 min read

Religion and politics are some of the most disputed subjects that you would rather not get into while having a conversation with someone.
But getting to visit a beautiful church at the foot of Pietrosu Peak completed with a mystic and wild landscape in the background, is considered one of the best touristic attractions while you are in Borsa, Maramures.


Schitul Pietroasa is located in Romania, Maramures county, in the little touristic complex Borsa, from where you have endless options what to discover and visit around.
The monastery is one of the most frequented locations by any tourist that visits Borsa, due to the place where is situated, being right into the heart of the mountains where the road ends, the batteries start recharging and the heart is finding the peace she always searched for.
The church has an altitude of 1,000m and the mountains which are being home for this place, are the Rodnei Mountains.
Schitul Pietroasa starts its story in 2007 when it was built and at the beginning, it used to be a hermitage, but with the passage of time it turned out to become a place that saves lives and earned the name of monastery.
Even though it's a very peaceful spot, the monastery is placed on the steep ground, surrounded by the wilderness of nature which is offering lots of unique landscapes with the world unleashed.
Even in the middle of the summer.


The monastery is built in the specific style of the Maramures county, only with natural wood and lots of special paintings inside it. Schitul Pietroasa not only that conquers with its beauty and the place where is located but also with the many flowers which are surrounding the yard of the monastery, and the well-maintained area by the nuns.
Right after you will cross the doors of the monastery, you will get to see not only the unique touristic attraction but a little world created by those who are Christians and love the peace and wilderness offered by nature. The little world also includes a building that is dedicated to the nuns, a kitchen, two workshops (for painting and tailoring), a winter chapel, a trout farm and three big golden bells.


That's why most of the tourists and locators are frequently visiting this place, because no matter when they come by, the nature is always connected with the holy buildings that are bringing peace to every single soul, no matter if it's a sad soul, a worrying soul, a painful soul, or any other kind, there is peace which is embracing every single person it's visiting the monastery. The spectacular landscape is also completed by the old and traditional houses that are standing still, after hundreds of years since they were built.


There was even created a parking lot to make it easier for the tourists to reach the monastery.


On one of my past posts, I've been giving information about how to reach the Iezer Lake.
There was this road that is literally taking you straight to the mountains until you will find a little bifurcation, the left one is supposed to lead you to the lake, and the right one - to show you the way to Schitul Pietroasa.
So no matter whether you are a mountain person, an adrenaline lover, or just a faithful person, the monastery is being home for every single person wishes to visit it.
And the story of the land where the monastery is located is pretty interesting too, especially if you get to hear it from one of the nuns which are living there and is ready to welcome the tourists and locators that are visiting the place daily, or even just one time in life.

There is this family who had 9 children. And 5 of them decided to follow the spiritual path and become nuns.
The most beautiful part is that every single kid had a little portion of land donated by parents, and together with their family decided to offer these lands in order to make the creation of the monastery happen.
That's how two of the girls wanted to live in this place forever so they became nuns, and the other 3 are being nuns in other monasteries from Romania. And finding people who are donating their lands just like that, is not a common thing, but something rare and blessed.


And more than everything God can offer, there is nature and the beautiful landscapes that are filling your soul with gratitude, your heart with happiness and your mind with peace.





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bigtom13 @bigtom13February 2019

What an absolutely stunning place. Nature in all her glory doesn't seem to be disturbed at all by such a beautiful building. Wonderful.

Thank you for sharing this place. I love the picture of your boots...


Thank you very much! You are so right :D
And thanks, taking a picture with the boots at the end of the day/destination is like a tradition, lol. So you'll pretty much find one picture like that in every post :)

lizelle @lizelleFebruary 2019

Oh my @gabrielatravels, it looks absolutely beautiful there, so green and so tranquil with the gracious buildings and the mountains, no wonder you felt at peace! God certainly created a wondrous world, if only man could take care of it like these people do! Lovely post.


Indeed. If more people will act like these families..the world would be way better than that.. thanks for stopping by my dear! :)


Whoa! that's a beautiful church!! Do you travel alone?


Thanks! Nope, with my family. It's a family business hahaha. We all share the same passion :)


WHOAAAAA ! ! ! Girl you're lucky !

My family loves traveling but these days, we're too busy to even travel together. I really want to travel but I lack friends who live nearby.... So if I want to travel, I must visit one of them or they visit me, only then I can travel :(

Anyway, where do you usually draft your writing?


I know how it feels :( I also don't have friends who love traveling. Only few and then they want to just visit a city nearby, not the wilderness of nature.

I usually draft my writings on busy.com, they are automatically stocked there but it's a limit of 6 posts I think? (Forgot the limit, lol)

But I don't usually prepare my posts with long time before posting. Just with 2-3 days before or when I have a hard period coming then I get ready around 2-3 posts. But that's easy because I post only once every 6 days :)


Actually urban exploring is fun (as long as you don't visit shopping malls) ...

Thanks for the tips, I'll try to do it and see if I have adventure I haven't told! maybe there are some :-D

have a great weekend !


Really like those structural pics at the beginning of the post - the landscapes are nice too. Your articles are always great. Thanks for showing us the area.


Thanks! :)


Strawberries! When were those taken? I mean which month. The rainy mountains do still look good on photos. I imagine I can feel the fresh air. Somehow the atmosphere your journey logs bring is easy to feel.


In July 2018 :)
Loved the strawberries!


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Wow, what a lovely place to visit!!
You got some great shots!


Thank you so much! ❤️