One of those moments when neither the damn hot weather or the exhausting route won't make you stop.
Won't even make you think to return from the journey you've just started because there is nothing holding you back from discovering new places.
And today all these efforts led us to a lake which is hidden deep into the heart of the mountains, right at the foothill of Gârgalău Peak (2159m) - Tăul Știol


Tăul Știol comes as a continuation to my previous post - Cascada Cailor - which represents a must to visit lake, especially if you take the route to the wonderful waterfall, because the lake is pretty close to this one and its beauty also stands out.
As the lake is nearby the waterfall, the way to access it is the same to Cascada Cailor but in addition to this one, it comes with a new trail dedicated to the off-road cars that can bring you right next to the lake.
I won't really encourage this route as I believe is better to take the route by yourself and enjoy nature to the fullest, but if you consider there is not enough time to see both the waterfall and the lake in the same day, then you can do it.
I personally managed to visit both of the places in the same day and it didn't really take me too much time, but having to walk a few hours at 40°C is not fun - especially that there is no forest you will get into but only the open ground.

Anyways, back to the lake - Tăul Știol is on around 3 km away from Cascada Cailor and to reach it, takes like 1 hour and a half. In the other post, I mentioned that at the end of the ski slope you will need to walk a few more minutes until you will reach the waterfall - well, before reaching the waterfall you will get into a bifurcation. The one to the waterfall is to the right, but then there is the other way to the left which even from the beginning shows that you will need to make some effort and climb the uprise. That is the right route to the lake.


The trail starts with a little walk into the forest, but that doesn't last too much, as after 30 minutes of walking you literally get out of the woods and an open ground describes in front of you.
From here you will need to follow the blue squared markers painted on the rocks, or the high striped pillars that will show you the way to the lake.
The journey is a little bit exhausting as you keep on climbing and then going down even if there are not big differences of level, but the whole effort is way more amplified if you decide to visit the lake on a hot day.
So make sure to have your head covered and take with you a big bottle of water.
The water doesn't need to last more than until you reach the lake as after you get to the gorgeous Tăul Știol, there is a little spring with fresh and cold water coming from the heart of the mountains and you can fill up your bottle before you return.

Once you reach Tăul Știol you will notice that the lake is surrounded by lots of juniper trees. The beautiful plants not only that dress up the mountains with a green and fresh blanket, but they also have a very important role in slowing down the erosion of the rocks (especially during the spring when the snow is melting), preventing the landslides and the avalanches. That's why is vital for the tourists who get to visit the lake, to protect this kind of plants because if they will disappear it will have a great impact on the beauty of nature and create lots of damages for both the humans and wildlife.


The glacial lake not only that has very clear and fresh water which no matter what the season is - the water is always cold and drinkable.
Tăul Știol is also home for lots of trouts who enjoy the place to the fullest.
Being a location so reach in resources means that the territory is not devoid of wildlife, and that's how around this location you should not be surprised if you meet bears, hinds, deers, snakes, lizards, or even the marvellous wolves.
Camping next to the lake is allowed, but you must be very sure about your decision because Tăul Știol represents a very wild place.




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