See The World #3 - Târgoviște (The Royal Court, The Chindiei Tower, The Chindiei Park, Zoo Târgoviște)

GabrielaTravels @gabrielatravelsDecember 2018 · 2 min read

It's time to discover Târgoviște in a different way than we did in the last two posts published on here. Because sometimes putting down some thoughts, stories and pictures are not enough to explain properly how that adventure went.

And it all started with a random message to a good friend of mine and my sister about how we should take advantage of the great weather it was back in May other than just hanging out. So we decided to take a spontaneous one-day-trip to a city that we haven't really got a chance to visit before.

And that was it. Ready, set, go!

The best part is that it turned out to be a really successful day we've lots of excellent places visited and beautiful memories created together and to be stored deep into our hearts.

And what is a better feeling than getting home after a full day, throw yourself in bed tired after 15km walked but with your camera and phone full with videos and pictures but most important with a huge smile over your face being very satisfied with how you spent that day.

I will never ever figure out whereby to express how good I feel after one of this kind of moments in my life.

But I wish to live like this. And die like this. Because money returns, but moments and time, never will.

Hopefully, the video I created will be able to convey more than my words do. And I can't wait to hear your thoughts. :)

Oh, and if you are not up to date with the travel posts about this place, you can read them HERE and HERE and if the video is not working, you can watch it on YouTube HERE

Video recorded with: GoPro HERO 6
Edited in: Premiere Pro CC 2018

▶️ DTube

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Wow very nicely done! You are really good at editing. Romania is so beautiful!


Thank you so much! I wouldn't consider myself that good as I'm still at the beginning of using this program and I still have lots to learn but I really appreciate your comment. It's very encouraging!
And I have to admit that Romania is really beautiful and I'm in love with it!


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Thank you so much @mrprofessor!!! <3

Khaimi @khaimiDecember 2018

I have opened your video, and wow so amazing. The best part for me is a building, ao fully artistic. Btw I want to ask, what a name of building you enter it ? What a name of big bell there ? Thanks for sharing it @gabrielatravels. God bless you and wait for new trip. Ready, set and goo.. I guess you are very love with your favorite dress gym hard. Hehe


Thank you so much!
That building is The Big Church, and I've written a few words about it here.
And yeah, I do love that shirt lol. The funny part is that on Wednesday when will come up the next travel post, I wear the same top hahaha.

Khaimi @khaimiDecember 2018

Yups I see that. So I comment you are very love it. Maybe your Favorite Dress can be your charasteristic too.

Freja Fri @frejafriDecember 2018

great post, wow, the paintings in that church!! That was my favorite part!


Yeah, it was so fascinating! It also was one of my favourite parts of the trip :)


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Wow! How close did you have to get to that tiger for such a great shot?
I'll show those to my sister as she's planning ayear out from work to go travelling
Very inspiring
Just commented on your Facebook post as well


Cool! Glad you enjoyed! :)
Not too close, the camera was on zoom. I was actually on a different building :)