Aussie's in New Zealand: Hello helicopter

galenkp @galenkp7 days ago Β· 4 min read

Hey y'all I'm coming at you from Queenstown, New Zealand again! It's our first full day here after arriving mid-afternoon yesterday and we packed a lot in, not the least of which was an awesome helicopter ride.

We were a little concerned the weather wouldn't play along with our plans however it decided to do the right thing and we had a great flight.

The day started like most - We woke up and had breakfast, but it ramped up from there with a scoot up the hill to the Remarkables ski fields for a look - It's been a long time since I've seen snow and whilst this is probably not that interesting to many of you who see it a lot, it was pretty cool for a boy from Oz!

The road was pretty twisty, 13 kilometres of slow 10-20kph driving, switchbacks and a little bit of the slippery stuff but we arrived safe and sound. We didn't ski but had a look around, a hot chocolate and then headed back down to Queenstown for a bite to eat before our helicopter flight to Mt Earnslaw Burn. The images below tell the story better than my words can but I'll add a few here and there.

Here's Faith at the bottom of Mt Earnslaw Burn - You can see a small waterfall to the right of shot and the helicopter in the centre. It was pretty cold up there, with a reasonable breeze, but the sunshine held some warmth and it was just so peaceful.

A shot looking back at the peaks above the Burn. This is where the waterfalls start - With snow-melt which occurs at this time of year, heading into Summer.

This shot also looks back at the snowy peaks but shows one of the small creeks that flow, almost constantly, through the lower sections. I tasted the water and it was pretty fresh, and very cold as you'd probably imagine it to be. Some of you may recognise this as Rivendell from the lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies.

One of the larger waterfalls. I managed to get very close to this one - Getting reasonably wet in the process. I can assure you the water was cold, very cold.

A shot of our helicopter. If you've ever been in a helicopter you'll know how cool they are however getting to fly in it and see some of the amazing scenery today made it even better!

This is Mt Earnslaw. We were on approach and the pilot buzzed the peak a few times for us before landing.

We landed on some powder for an awesome view over Queenstown. Here's me just kind of hanging around trying to pretend I'm not cold. Actually, it wasn't too cold as the sin had some warmth, the feet on the other hand were cold.

Here's the view I mentioned above. It's about 5,000 feet up, so not very high really, high enough to have a great view though. You can see Queenstown in the distance.

I'll have to keep it brief due to interweb connection issues however wanted to share a few images from today. I took a lot as you can imagine, some terrible, but many pretty good - By my standards. However the most important thing is that we lived the experience and enjoyed the ski fields and the drive there plus the helicopter flight to Mt Earnslaw Burn. I plan to do some better posts in the future but for now am interweb-limited and time-limited as well.

We have some more adventures planned and, of course, when I have the opportunity I'll share some more of my images with you. For now I hope you have liked these ones.

Until next time. See ya round.

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KSteem @ksteem7 days ago

Very cool, we went on a helicopter tour of Mt. Rushmore last month. It was an awesome addition to the trip as I'm sure yours was. Great pics. That is a gorgeous area!


Lovely spot. So much to see and do. Here's one I took from the helo.


Guessing the sun was shining on the left side there.


Wind from the right keeping the snow there for longer. It's the end of the season so they're not completely covered.

j85063 @j850637 days ago

Awesome scenery enjoy πŸ˜€


Thanks mate. Was a nice day.

Taraz @tarazkp7 days ago

That looks great and the weather ideal.

I still haven't been on a helicopter and @smallsteps wants to go too.


I'll go again! We can go together.😁


Oh can I go too with you!?


If you pay your own way I don't see why not.


Wow! So beautiful all around, love the environment. Hope you enjoy a lot.


Thanks mate. ☺️


Looks like you are having an amazing time on your holiday! Legit photos too!


Thanks Eve, it's a nice spot for sure. I am just about the throw a few more up from today because. Just because. ☺️


Just because is a good enough reason!


Posted a few more @eveuncovered hope you like. πŸ™‚


These are exactly the types of things I want to go and have a look at when i go there. Super jealous of the helicopter ride buddy!


It was amazing! I just posted a few more pics if you're interested @gooddream 😁

Everyone needs to get their ass down here! Amazing!

How cool are helo's man? Not cheap, but one of the best things I've done. We loved it. Will do a better post about it when I get home.


All photography really very nice .hope you enjoy that time .


Thanks mate.


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That's a pretty impressive view from way up there! The water made me cold just looking at it. What a great experience that must have been.


It certainly was. We're so glad we did it.