Yesterday, I recommended a Harry Potter-themed cafe. Today I will recommend a cafe where you can get close with meerkat babies. It is also in Hongdae, Seoul, not far from the Harry Potter cafe.

Usually, the only way to see meerkats is to go to the zoo. I didn’t imagine that the meerkats can be touched in the bustling streets of Seoul, especially are the meerkat babies!

This cafe is called Meerkat Friends. Although it is a cafe ,you can enter without ordering anything, just give the ticket, KRW 13’000 per person. When you enter, you need to replace the slippers in their store, and disinfect yourself to avoid bringing in bacteria from outside.

There is a area for the meerkat babies in the center of the cafe, you need to line up to enter. Everyone can play with the meerkat babies for about 10 minutes. Cover with a quilt to avoid bacteria having a bad influence on the meerkat babies, but the babies all like to drill into the quilt, it can be related to their nature. That is very itchy when they drill, but we must be stop them to get in.

And they will not get close to everyone .You can’t make any noises while sitting inside, and you can’t force to catch the baby meerkats, you can only wait for them to approach you .When they lean on you ,that’s so sweet and so cute.

The staff in the cafe are so happy that they can get along with such cute animals every day. This raccoon can walk anywhere in the cafe, is very close to the staffs, and will take the initiative to approach them and play with them.

There are also a kangaroo in the cafe. I thought that there would be no chance to see kangaroos again after I left Australia.

The staff will give you kangaroo feed and let you feed them. They are used to being fed by others, so they will take get close to you and crawl on you to beg for food!

Did you ever seen a kangaroo and a raccoon fight? What a harmonious picture~

There are other animals in the cafe. It is like a small zoo in the commercial area. Even if you go to the zoo, you may not be able to get in touch with the animals as close as you can here!