Since I stayed in Xizha hostel last night , I can visit the ancient town without tourists at night and morning . The environment can not be said to be very good of the hostel, but I am not too picky about the accommodation environment, I just want to enjoy a quiet ancient town !

Opposite the hostel is silk workshop. The tourists have not arrived such early in the morning, but the staff is already busy in their respective posts! The silk workshop still uses traditional crafts to make damask, and it still follows the ancient methods for the whole processes.

The original silk reeling method requires silkworm cocoons to be immersed in hot water, and the silk is drawn by hand, so the hands of workers are prone to hand dermatitis!

Weaving cotton must be coordinated by two people. The upper one is called "jacquard" and the lower one is called "weaving hand". It looks dangerous that sitting on the top.

The woven jacquard process of damask is irreplaceable by machines. It must be woven by hand. It can only weave 5 ~ 6cm a day, which is very precious!

A nice dance , there is a festival in Wuzhen in April , so you can watch many shows if you visit at that time.

I wrote a few postcards last night, intending to send them to my friends. I thought I should do something meaningful for my first trip!

The Wuzhen Post Office was established in the Qing Dynasty and is still in operation today, it still communicates with the usual postal methods. The postcards sent from the old mailbox in front of the post office has a special meaning!

The floating market, where Wuzhen residents used to boat here to catch up with the morning market.Every morning, the boat carried fresh vegetables and meat here to sell in all directions. By the water side, you can buy fresh vegetables without going out, which is very popular among residents.

It is said that there are still markets from time to time, but maybe I am not so lucky. When I arrived, it was empty, but I saw a boat carrying green plants on the river!

Under the black hats are jars of pickles. You can smell the thick taste when you enter the door. This pickles workshop was established in the Qing Dynasty and still keep the old method to make pickles .

I really like the feeling of no tourists in this scenic spot! There is no crowd wherever you go and no worried have many people when taking pictures! It won't feel so commercial, maybe this is why I like Wuzhen!