I believe everyone ever watched Harry Potter, right? So have you ever thought of becoming the protagonist or supporting role and entering Hogwarts? Now a cafe in Hongdae, Seoul can make it come true!

This is the cafe’s exterior wall. It used to be the platform 9 3/4, but now it’s been reinstalled and modified into magic brooms. I am more prefers the platform 9 3/4, which I can pretend that I am Harry Potter walking through the wall.

The wall of the first floor is full of magic wand boxes. Will one of them fly to you when they see you? choose you become the Muggle for him?

Every corner here is carefully arranged, so that everyone has the feeling of being on the scene, and it is very good to take pictures! This is only the first floor. There are several floors in this cafe, and each floor is a different scene. We spent the whole afternoon in it~

If you want to go upstairs, you need to order a cup of coffee or afternoon tea. You can sit for as long as you like. Although the meals here are a bit expensive, the scenes here are worth the price!

And coffee is not an ordinary cup of coffee. We ordered two glasses of WIZARD, the bottom is ice chocolate, topped with a magic wand or wizard hat made of chocolate, I even didn’t want to drink it in such a great look! KRW 11’800 for one.

The scene on the 6th floor is superb. You can sit on the bed and enjoy afternoon tea. You may not have this enjoyment even at home!

I ever search on the Internet and saw that normally peoples need to wait in line for a long time for this kind of seat. But there were no many people on the day we came, so we could find a good place to take pictures, and the lighting effect here was great!

There are three set college robes to wear. Must try the Gryffindor one, and it also the most sought-after! In order to take the following photo of flying up on a broomstick, guess how many times did I jump?

Fortunately, there were not many people on that day, otherwise we would not be able to enjoy such a long time! To be honest, I have worn all three sets!

On the 4th floor, it is a different scene again. Seeing this long table, is there any scenes of movie floating by? When Harry Potter and the others were sorted into different houses, when they had breakfast every morning and chat, and when owls flying in with newspapers and letters!

Every corner here can evoke scenes from the movie, making people want to watch Harry Potter again.

When you come, don’t just go upstairs, there is a bar downstairs, but it should be just open at night! Sitting inside and drinking will feel like a hunter, and the candle holder of the skull make the sense more mystery!

He said: “I am waiting for you ~”