Before trying the Korean Spa, I always thought that Korean Spa were just saunas, because every time I watched video, always just saw peoples wrapped a horned head, sitting on the indoor floor with an egg and knocking each other’s heads. But now I found the real Korean Spa is more than that.

We book online for the afternoon session, about HKD 90 per person. After entering, they will give you a set of clothes and keys. First put your shoes on the locker at the entrance, and then you will be barefoot all the way!

First of all, we will come to a mysterious area, where everyone has to naked to wash themselves, and can also take a hot spring. There are some paid services, such as get rub off the mud on your body, or a facial, these are all stripped off, you can’t even put the towel in the bath. This is why we never know that there are other services besides sauna, because there is not allow to use camera!

After taking a bath, we go for the sauna. There are many levels to choose, such as 84 degrees and minus 16 degrees. I tried 40 degrees, and I couldn’t keep my feet on the floor, so I could only jump all the time. 80 degrees is to cook people, right?

The scene in the Korean drama, they really all sit on the floor or sleep directly on the floor! Before I came, I always thought that the Korean Spa should just spend us 2 hours. But at the end , we spent 5 hours and missed the last train. We could only stay until the early morning train to come back.

In addition to bathing and sauna, there also a game room, computer room, children’s playground, and swimming pool , it’s no wonder they can spend a whole day in the resort and sleep here, a special of Korean culture.

Sleeping people can be seen everywhere in the resort, and they always sleep directly on the floor! Some will choose a sauna room with a moderate temperature to sleep in!