My Son Sanctuary, is a Champa history site in Vietnam , its history is longer than Angkor Wat, and full with mystery.

We join a tour group in Hoi An , bus would pick us up out side our hotel . Around 40 minutes drive , we arrived the entrance of "My Son", but that's not the final destination , we still need to walk through a bridge , then take shuttle bus , then walk for 1 km to reach .

Our tour guide told us many things about this mystery place .

Champa was an ancient state in Vietnam , but most fort of Champa was destroy after wars with Vietnam , just leave this one .

Why "My Son" didn't be destroy ? Because " My Son" was abandoned by Champa's citizens, and its hidden in a forest , so no one found it until end of 19 central by a western archaeologist .

But at the Vietnam War Period , it still destroyed by American Army , now just leave around 20 building .

Do you know all the building didn't use any cement, archaeologists still didn't know how they adhere the bricks till now , that's another mystery of Champa , maybe all of them are "Lego master".

All carvings are carve on bricks direct , but most of them was destroyed , some without head , some without face .

"My Son" is not a big place , from this way its really looks like hidden in forest .

If you join the day trip to "My Son" , there are two choice, one is bus go bus back , one is bus go ship back .Recommend bus back , ship back is include lunch , but the lunch isn't delicious , another they will ship you to a gift street , even you don't want to buy anything , still need to spend time there. So bus back is more better.