Watch below video first !

Do you wanna fly to there right now ? But ,do you know where is here ?how to reach there ?No ?Be patient and I will told you soon.

When someone talk about Pink Lake , will you think about the pink lake Hutt Lagoon in West Australia ?Australia have many pink lake , the most famous in Hutt Lagoon.

But this one is locate in Victoria , and the name of this lake is very simply , called Pink Lake ! I am not joking , the name really called Pink Lake .

When you search Pink Lake on map it may lead you to the pink lake in West Australia or South Australia, so you should search "Pink Lake ,Vic", then the map will show it !

From Melbourne to Pink Lake , around 4 hour drive .

When arrive the Pink Lake , we saw the lake is very close with us !

This Lake is a salt lake , the water just cover the foot , even walk to the central of it ,or you can walk to the opposite .

But this fantastic lake isn't so fantastic everyday , you need to arrive here at the right timing .otherwise , you will see a dry and dirty lake like below .

What's the mean for right timing ? Means you need to check the weather before you go ! Normally , if raining before you go ,there will cover a water layer , and if you go at a sunny day ,then you will see the blue sky and Pink Lake like the video .

Okey ,you can book you flight now ~