Sri Lanka #10 Meet a dancer who work for the Kandyan Dance Show

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· February 2020 · 3 min read · Sri Lanka · #photography

This day is a rainy day , Omal told me , Sri Lanka is a country with little rain, before September 2019 , there already 3 years no raining , so he want to close his coconut farm .

I stayed in Sri Lanka for 17 days , have several days was raining , lucky ~

Sri Lankan are very nice , maybe there just have a few Asian traveller , when I left coconut farm , began my trip , I saw many people ,and most of them like to say Hi with me ! some want to take photo with me ! They make me feel I am special .

This day I arrived Kandy , a big city in the central of Sri Lanka , I have no idea what to do today , just have a walk in the city .

I didn't bring my umbrella, an uncle saw me then he use his umbrella to cover me together .He talk many with me , he said he just like to talk with foreigner , he have been to many country ,and I believe him.

In a bus stop , he need to take bus , he asked me do I know the Kandyan Dance Show, and recommend me must watch it , he can take me there.

I thought I have nothing to do , that's ok, I don't need to search the way . On bus , he told me he is working there , he is one of dancers !Amazing , that means I would watch his show .

The Kandyan Dance Show is in the Kandyan Cultural Centre, which is next to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic , start at 5 pm ,so when the show finish , you can go to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic .

He bring me there and ask his friend give a good seat to me ,then he went to prepare the show .

Kandyan Dance Show is one of the defining experiences of a stay in Kandy. It is a traditional show , include 18 different kind of dances ,great and funny ,you can't miss it .

An important tips for you , that is the uncle told me , when the show almost finish , the people stand up , you should go fast . Where to go ? Go to the stage, at the end , there is a fire show , standing on the stage you can get some good photos .


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