Sri Lanka #4 take shower in a open bathroom

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· January 2020 · 2 min read · Sri Lanka · #backpacking

Per my last post , I said I went to a coconut farm as a helper in Sri Lanka, also share the environment for my living house , why the bathroom separate to write another post ? 1st , the bathroom separate with the main house, 2nd, the bathroom is very special .

The bathroom is at the next side of the farm ,every time I went there need to ride a bicycle ,If I can't ride a bicycle, may be I need to walk for 10 min to reach there.

Sometimes , will meet someone stop the road , "hey ,friend , could you give a road to me ? I think the grasses at the right side are more delicious, do you think so ?"

This is a reasonable cattle, after a few talk , it give a way to me , here is our shower room , do you also think it is so special ?

This shower room without any door, it is open type , so when I arrived I saw someone here , I would go back and wait , then came back again to see does that guy still here.

Sometimes ,Omal would ask uncle to ask that guy leave, then I can come and take shower.

Normally , If I didn't see anyone surrounding here , that means really no one , cause here is no any hiding place, and when I took shower, I would look surrounding .

Water pump from the lake next to the shower room, the cattle use that water to take shower , I also use that water to take shower.

The switch for water pump on a tree behind the shower room.

One time , after took shower , I saw many cattle surrounding the shower room, they also wanna take shower?


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