Hello, as I ever said ,I went to a coconut farm as a volunteer in Sri Lanka , then , what should I do in the farm ?

Below is my daily schedule , seems many things to do in one day ,but actually ,I feel I just need to water plants every day , other time I am too free to look for something to do .

Besides coconuts, the farm has many other plants, such as tomato , sweet potato, beans , papaya ,chili and so on .They almost no need to buy food , all vegetable can pick in the farm, but sometimes want to eat meat , will buy in town .

This bean I never seen in china, but I saw many in Sri Lanka, could anyone tell me what is it named ?

Baby coconut trees , I found that coconut trees are plant by whole coconuts, some coconuts drop from trees , leave them , they will grow some new coconut trees from that coconuts.

Guess what is this ?it's vanilla. Normally , we buy a vanilla is a vanilla bean, but this one still a baby vanilla, it will grow up , and open flowers , then grow to beans.

Our coconut farm is producing coconut oil , the most popular oil in Sri Lanka , many family use coconut oil to cook. So what did I do for Sri Lankan family in these days ? Maybe I have made some oil for them .

Every week Omal will ask some worker to pick coconuts on trees, some collected here .

Then we need to remove their shells, I tried , but even use my Chinese Kongfu, I still not enough strong to do that , so leave it to the strong man, I just keep watching.

After remove the shells , we need to open the coconut , cut in half, and dry them , them they will turn out the coconut oil , seems our skin , more dry more oil .

I just know that not every coconut inside is water , some coconut like below , Omal told me that's because the coconut picked from a baby coconut tree.

When they are enough dry , we will cut it to small pieces and keep drying , I never cut such many things before .

In my free time , I would follow uncle to cook , to feed the cow , and sometimes walk in the farm pick some coconut back , some coconut drop on the floor and if we shake it , hear some water inside that means the coconut can be used , we will pick it back .