In different country have different culture , even in same food , such as curry ,different country have different style .

In Thailand , have Thai curry . In India, have Indian curry , of course in Sri Lanka, have Sri Lankan Curry .

Sri Lankan eat curry almost in all of their meal , breakfast , lunch , dinner all are curry , curry congee, curry fried rice , curry noodle .

This time ,I want to introduce 2 things which are the soul of Sri Lankan curry. The first one is curry leaves.No matter in the rice , noodle , or in a bread, you can found some leaves in it , that is curry leaves. In the farm where I stay for one week , there have 2 baby curry leaves tree , but they don't use that , they also have a big curry leaves tree at the other side of the farm .

The other one is coconut, maybe because too many coconut in Sri Lanka, they also use coconut in food ,every meal they would open a coconut , there have a chair dedicated to plane coconut, mix with water , then squeeze the juice fill in the food , so Sri Lankan curry you will have coconut taste.

Another special in Sri Lankan food is , they like to cut all the food in small pieces, maybe because they eating by hand , cut in small pieces are more easy to mix the food. Even the noodles they also in small pieces , but Omal told me , they also have the normal noodles , and after I went to city , also see some normal noodles in supermarket .