Sri Lanka #7 The Ancient Town Anuradhapura

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In China , I never heard the place Anuradhapura before , actually I didn't do any plan for this trip , I just buy the air ticket and go .But my first week in Sri Lanka was as a helper in a coconut farm, the farm owner is a kind man, he recommended some place to me , otherwise , I will never know Anuradhapura .

After I know this place , I check the details on web , found that such less Chinese information for this town, then I check in English , also less information , but at least ,more than Chinese.

The greatest monastic city of the ancient world that date from the middle of the 5th century B.C. remained the proud seat of kingdom of Sri Lanka until the 11th century A.D. .As we know , Sir Lanka was colonized by Portugal and the Netherlands and the UK, this town is older than the colonized period .

If you travel in this city , you should rent a bicycle or a tuktuk . If you rent bicycle , that is more free , you can go where you want to go ,at that time , I rent bicycle from my hostel , Rs 500 per day. If you rent a tuktuk , then maybe cost more , but you have a tour guide too , they are local people, so they know the history of here , and where must visit.

Below I will tell you some place where I went .

The ancient part and modern part are separate clearly on the map ,you can found the ancient at the west side , the modern part at the east side.

For foreigner , visit the historic site need to buy ticket , USD 25, for Sri Lankan , that's free, I wanna say , Sri Lankan ticket really very expensive for foreigner.

Kuttam Pokuna, the other name is the Twin Ponds, are two bathing ponds in ancient Sri Lanka. Dating back to around 7th-9th centuries AD, these were built for the use of resident Bikkhus of Abhayagiri.

There is many monkey near the ponds , they are not scare people , I feel that I was more afraid they would take away my phone , once I walked close them , them were looking at me , seems wanted to jump to me .But normally , they just pay attention at food , if you are not holding foods , they won't attack you .

Most places of the ancient part need to take off your hats and shoes before entry, make sure you are wearing socks , really very pain if you walking on small stone road.

I saw a Buddhist talking with Sri Lankan, were them taking lessons ?

Below is one of the place must visit, here is the Abhayagiri Stupa , built by King Walagamba in the 1th century BC .the central Cultural fund began the conservation of the Stupa in 1997. Ater the completion of the conservation work the Stupa is now open to the public for their veneration .

When I visit there , I found all people walk around the Stupa through the clock , just me walk the back way , a little bit shy.

I like below pond , this is elephant pond , which is for elephants take shower, it's very big , and peaceful here.

Isurumuniya Rock Temple, here is the second on I think must visit . Its special is the temple build on a big stone , when you come at the evening , you can claim on the top of the rock ,and get a great sunset view .


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