If you want to visit Sigiriya , the local people will more recommend Pidurangala than Sigiriya. Why ? Same as Sigiriya , Pidurangala is a giant rock ,when you standing on the top of Pidurangala Rock ,you can see the whole Sigiriya Rock, and the ticket is much cheaper than Sigiriya.

Of cause you can with both of them ,the way to Pidurangala is same as to Sigiriya , so you can take the bus or tuk tuk to both spots.

Tuk tuk driver also will tell you some secret spot on the road to Pidurangala.

This lake next on the road , but hide by trees , if you take bus or drive here , maybe you will miss it . Although the lake is so beautiful , it is also danger, should be many crocodiles under water , when I arrived , there is a crocodile bask on the rock ,so don't try to swim in the lake .

I also saw a dancing elephant in another lake , cute ~

As we know ,Sigiriya is known as Lion Rock, but in some point of view , it is more like an elephant .

Back to talk about Pidurangala, it is a temple at the lower rock , so you need to remove your hat and shoes when entry , but bring it ,cause when you walk up leave the temple area , you need to wear your shoes to walk to the top. Temple ticket is Rs.500 , much cheaper than Sigiriya USD30.

And Pidurangala is more challenging than Sigiriya. First , you will see a long long long stairs , but this still a easy grade , the most challenge at the top of the rock.

A house under the rock ?! Amazing ! It looks no one living here now ,but it should not empty for a long time , I can see some modern things in the house.

Dose the stairs at right side made by old Sigiriya people ?It was dug on the rock.

A very narrow road , are you enough slim ?

The branches enough strong to prop up the rock ?

Keep walking , I saw a ruin , maybe really someone ever living here.

Look at my finger, yes , that is the way to the top , there without road , if you want to reach the top , you must climb the rocks ! that's why I said Pidurangala is more challenging than Sigiriya .

Some signal on the rock to avoid you walk the wrong way .

And you can see the road is like below ,so be careful when you climb.

Finally , I reach the top by myself , good job ~Here you can get the great view for the Sigiriya and whole town, especially when the sunset or sunrise .