On Google map , Dambulla Royal Cave Temple and Golden Temple are at the same place , but actually , they are two different temple and two different way to reach .

First the Golden Temple , is at the ground floor. If you walk from the central of city , you can easy to find it .There is a giant gold Buddha looking at you , you won't miss it !

Under the giant Buddha , there is a museum .It design as a large mouth , eat all of tourist .

When you look at its left side ,you will find a special view . There is a long long long line of Buddhist monks, their hand holding some tributes to the Giant Buddha.

Now we talk about the Royal Cave Temple, it is on the top of the hill, if you wanna reach the Royal Cave Temple , here have two mistake need to avoid .

First , as we know , in Sri Lanka , when we walk in a temple , we need to take off our hats and shoes , but Golden Temple you can wear it except you walk in the building .

Second , at the right side of Golden Temple, a stair walk to the top of the hill , and reach the Royal Cave Temple, but if you walk from this way , when you spend a long time and very tied reach the temple , the staff will told you , here no ticket for sell , you need to walk down at another stairs at the other side , buy the ticket first , then walk back !

I was make both of mistake , cause when I arrive , I saw someone remove their shoes , so I also remove my shoes , and then walk to the top , along the road , I didn't see any ticket center , when I arrived the top , my feet are so pain , and so tired , the staff told me "you need to walk down at the right stairs , buy the ticket , then come back "

"What ?! How far away ?"

" about 200 meters." But after I walk down , I found there is not only 200 meters . so don't make the same mistake as me !

The correct way is , if you walk from the central of Dambulla city , when you see the golden temple , keep walking , when you see below road , walk in , there is the way to the ticket center.