April is the best time to go to Wuzhen! Not only because of the special festival in April, but also because of the rain! From ancient times to the present, drizzling rain has become synonymous with Jiangnan, which also shows that rain is the most beautiful time in Jiangnan!

Recommend staying in Xizha for one night . There in many bed and breakfast , but the price is generally higher ,normally over CNY 150 per night ! If you don't mind the accommodation environment , there is also a hostel in Xizha, the price is CNY 75 per night(eight years ago), so if 2 guys , staying in a bnb will be more benefit!

The ticket for Xizha just allow entry once , but if you live in Xizha , you will not be restricted by that . The ticket center will give you a card , with this card ,you can enter freely !

Compared with Dongzha and Xizha , I'm more prefer Xizha ! Xizha is a scenic area formed by emptying all residents and retaining ancient buildings. As long as there are no tourists, the whole world seems to be quiet! Standing on a deserted street, it feels like crossing into ancient times, and you are the one who inadvertently broke into!

Later, when I was traveling in Suzhou, I met a person who had also been to Wuzhen and talked about her feelings. She said that she did not like Wuzhen very much because there were too many tourists! The feeling is completely opposite to me, maybe because I chose the right time, not holiday, nor weekend, so there are not so many tourists!

There are free shuttle buses between Dongzha and Xizha. The entrance of Xizha is a pier. There are many dummies at the pier to restore the scene at the old time. It is actually a bit scary! Haha!

Selling kids, 10 yuan per KG~

To enter the Xizha Scenic Area, you have to cross the river first, there are some free shuttle boats, you can take an experience of the ancient villagers life ! If you don't want to take a boat , is also a wooden path at the side of pier.

Xizha also has a dye house, which is larger than Dongzha, but the clothes are tied neatly, without the casual beauty!

What I like the most is the night view of Wuzhen. The lights decorate the ancient river, as if everything is still in that ancient era! In particular, there was a misty drizzle at night, and the rain was not heavy. Although I didn't walk under the umbrella, I didn't worry about getting wet!

Dinner is suitable for finding a restaurant next to the river, dining while enjoying the scenery on the other side, Bravo ~

Wuzhen ’s postcards will make people want to come again. I bought a stack of winter ones. Since then I decided that I must find another winter to visit Wuzhen again to see the snow! However, eight years later, I haven't done it yet! I'm also a little worried that going there again will ruin my original impression of Wuzhen!