Re: The Prime Real Estate of the Eden Cemetery, NSW

Those sort of places captivate me too. We just can't help but find history irresistible because of all those lingering questions. This is fresh on my mind because I took my niece on our annual "ghost tour" walk which we do as a special thing together in the summer. We heard the ghost stories that shroud very old graveyards. And there are so many questions - about the lives and the afterlife. In a way I am striving for answers, which I think is human instinct. In another way, I am really really glad that we don't. Curiousity killed the cat. I'd hate to know more of those people's lives only to feel their heartbreak more acutely. Those mysteries of the past are great to just let be. Lost in the sands of time - just where the past ought to be.

Anyway, I'm rambling because this triggered some thoughts I had today.


You aren't rambling, and surely that's the point of a good comment, for which I thankyou! And I'm glad you saw this post given our grave quips last week :P

I accidentally saw a psychic healer that mentioned a past life to me - very cursorily, thank goodness, or I would have stopped her. I wanted to believe - I think it's human nature to - but then again, mysteries are what makes our lives what they are too. Those sands of time - we can't hold sand at all, and nor should we. Except - - except I really want to know whether that woman fell off a cliff or not! There's nothing else there! What did she die of? Tell me now!!!


Haha, this is a good continuation of our grave discussion.

Ooooo, past life stuff. That is something I'd like to hear about, but I wonder if I can tell them that I don't want to hear the future - just the past. Lol.

Can't blame you. Ah, the mysteries...