I wanted to keep all of you guys posted how are the things going with my big Georgian 'prison break'. But getting on the ferry to Bulgaria meant having no internet for about four days and I feel sorry for that as what was happening was more than unusual for me and I think is worth spending some time reading and watching too...

So what is the background on this? Georgia did not open their air space on 1st July and left most of people already stuck there for something over few month yet again. But it wouldn't be me not to find a way around some regulation or prohibition. I have found a ferry to Burgas. A Bulgarian Port town. With a promise of warm welcome, because the EU officially advised all their nations to open their borders. But you all probably know how things are in the European Union.

What seemed to be a chilled and well planned idea turned out to be a mess and never ending story of ups and downs with a special twist of unknown with a lot of black humor, if you in fact have sense for some.

So with this post I would say officially starts the mini series of quite a few of my video documentaries about crazy situations I myself get into and you can join me on an adventure to freedom to leave one country without spending two weeks in lockdown.

At the time of filming this video I had no idea that in Bulgaria I will most likely be quarantined and so I was a little naive and went for a journey. Without a little stupidity no great adventure ever started and so here we go, step on the gas with me on the journey through black sea, with bunch of Georgian truck drivers defectors like me and skilled sailors that are in charge from now on.