Fueled by some cheesy quarana drink I am travelling to Bulgaria... Gypsies, police officers, quick peepee stops and covaids everywhere.

If you're wondering what the hell is this about, here is some explanation... So as the second lockdown was getting closer, I was becoming pretty nervous stuck with my not so social distance job in Vienna... It was time to think ahead, plan carefully the upcoming future and act.

So at the end of October I have quit on the spot and off I was sitting on a bus to Sofia Bulgaria, where I will be residing most likely this winter.

To make it short, this video was kinda made to say hello to some friends and let them know I am still alive... And as I found it kinda funny, I thought why not showing it to the rest of you before it gets totally outdated.

Also would be nice to see if something is happening here as I wasn't active at all here in the past few months.

So stay tuned and give me a follow to see more and potentially better quality videos in the future. Ciao...