Yes, this time I want to share what happened to me few days ago. If you have been following my last few posts, you know I was on the run. On the run for freedom. I can't describe what mix of feelings was going through my head those days. It was anything from fear to sheer curiosity.

For some reason my last two posts did not received many views and yet it is one of my finest works so far. So I am repackaging this video one more time. My suspicion is that not using travelfeed native hashtag cause that misfortune. So, let's see this might be interesting case study for some of you if you're interested how rewards works and how to push your contend out there.

So to make the long story short, I was basically defecting Georgia to Bulgaria. And I can tell you now it was rather stupid yet well executed plan. Obviously I was luckier than ever this time as more than one thing went wrong but my Karma protected me from a disaster. It all started with leaving the place I was living for the last month. Handed keys to the landlord and of I was to catch the ferry to Burgas.

The departure of my ferry was delayed for about four hours and i had to wander around the city without any plan to kill time.

My only hope was the guy from office to call me when the ship is ready so \i can come back and hopefully get on the board. Note that at that time, I did not know if it is even possible to leave Georgia...

I did not contacted any embassy, so my future was pure unknown and a big risk. Now I am sitting on the other side of my journey already and getting into editing videos so \I see what was actually happening one more time.

So have a look at first part of the coming series on my 'cesrvezabug travel'