Brave french couple, ready to go...

Hi there beautiful people,

not every day you just bump into somebody so interesting you feel motivated to write an article about them. In this case I have met Leo and Katherine from France. They have been traveling together for over a year and before getting stuck here in Georgia for the ongoing lockdown, they have been part of some big Circus with which they traveled eastern Europe to split in Bulgaria, cross whole Turkey and look for work in Georgian ski-resort.

Some of their plans came to fruition but some, like finding good work in the ski-resort failed and they had to move on.

I have met them sitting next to a hostel on a small terrace overlooking their bikes which to me were big nostalgia and symbol of cool people around. I was only on my way to get some cheap skate shoes as there are plenty of fake brands shops around which import these products from Turkey.

So, when I saw the owners of these bicycles I just had to stop and have a chat. Leo was smoking a cigarette and when saw me shared a big smile with me. That was a sign for me and I have asked him if those bikes are theirs. Sure thei were and it sparkled a short conversation between us. They were waiting for lunch and when it was handed to them I have politely let them eat in peace and continued my way.

After founding my shoe shop rather quickly and first pair of fake Vans was a perfect fit, I have thought, hmm Leo and Katherine might still sit there.

Sure was I right. They have been offered glass of wine and were still enjoying themselves. So, I stopped again asking to take pictures of their bikes as I am a passioned biker and occasional bicycle tours are not strange to me, we have decided to drink beer together in the nearby park.

We have shared lot of our personal stories and ideas, I have told them about my bike tours and my version of lockdown. They seemed to be well prepared for what was ahead of them. The only doubt was still coming from the big unknown if they will be let to leave the country with ferry the next day.

The official status of Georgian government on traveling is still rather negative, yesterday only to open trains to the public for the first time in three months. Borders and air travel still being closed with other countries. With potential opening on 1st July.

I have forgotten to take any sort of contact on them and so I can not provide any positive ending to this article. But let's wish the best of luck to Leo and Katherine...

Their bike setup is just pure improvisation...