Gringos in Atlas mountains.
Gringos in Atlas mountains.

When scrolling down on popular posts in my feed I have spotted an outstanding hashtag #travelfeed. And so my friends here I am joining the community today with a short report on my a last year's trip to Morocco.

To give you a little intro, what drove me to this amazing country and what is the upcoming video about, we have to start in Austria.

To support myself financially and keep my summers free of work, I have systematically avoided any reasonable career and worked only in ski-resorts for last eight years...

In April, my season ended and having pockets stuffed with cash I was ready to embark on a journey. This time finally Africa. Yes, you cannot be more cliché than Morocco, but me having a travel partner for first time ever and cheap tickets to Marrakesh, the decision was done.

This is in my humble opinion the best of three part short video-series from our Moroccan travels. Filmed in it's entirety on a smartphone gimbal. Be it the only video I used it for it ended up one of the most useless space consuming parts of my backpack.

So, in the video, we will rent a small family car in Marrakesh and take it for a spin into the majestic Atlas mountains. The place so far away, it looks like somewhere in Nepal and yet so close it suits us our one day trip there.

The reason I have called it the Gringo expedition is the sheer style of the way we travel, dress and behave. All of us being somewhat on the crossroads in our lives and the mood we are all tuned in makes us perfect outsiders. Two of us being between jobs and one having the mid-life crisis we are a recipe for disaster.

The last so called civilization point is called Imlil. A village full of hiking gear shops, little hotels and hiking tours operators. They are screaming on us where we should park. But our mission leads us further to the unknown. We strive for more and also having paid for a car we want to stick with it, not pay for parking and go on organised tour.

So, we proceed further and after about another 15 km climbing on already sketchy roads, having the car we have, we finally make a stop at the highest Cafe of Atlas. The taste is terrible, but the views are mind blowing. After that comes even harder to drive but for some reason we manage to motivate our driver to push few more meters every time we pass another curve. The road seems endless and we are starting to have concerns about fuel and overall state of a vehicle.

When we approach what seems like a final end of the road a big surprise awaits us. It's local kids. But they are not friendly to us. One of them waving a rock in his hand signalizing he doesn't like our car. I give them a little pocket change and maybe thanks to that they did not smash one or two of our windows. After all, this is the very area where two Swedish girls sadly lost their lives to some crazy radical maniacs while camping wild.

So, if you in fact stayed with me to this very point I wish you a lot of fun by watching the video and feel free to comment or ask questions about Morocco.