I hardly ever go anywhere just for the sheer pleasure of it. Sure such moments happen from time to time, but usually I always look for opportunities. If I am in rich and expensive country I might be searching for job offers. In cheap, developing places I am looking for investment ideas.

One of such places is Georgia. Forget working here if you come from western world. Locals don't make as much as you make in few days in a whole month. If the country is cheap to invest in I will leave to individual research and risk profile. But so far I have never been in cheaper place yet. Maybe Morocco is in the same price range.

There has been lot of articles and talks about Batumi and it's potential to become some international hub or tourist hot spot. I would argue this can be further from truth than those financial gurus think. Yes compared to Spain, Italy of France you're getting into beachfront property for third of a price but it has it's downside. Don't forget it is still Georgia. Locals are amazing and all that but if you need something done expect months not days. This means even simple tasks as shopping. Most people still only speak Russian as their second language which is another serious issue.

But let's forget business side of thinks and go for a walk with me and my camera now. The original idea of this walk was to find an easy way out the city as quick as possible.

I got invited onto the terrace of the house on the very top.

This house was on dead end and a massive dog was guarding the place. Ouch.

It doesn't take too long to get next to the hill and out of traffic. Than the hike starts. Nothing for lazy people, for them we have a beach here. One can see water pipes running around like a spider web from one house to another. Second thing I was looking for was famous little bamboo forests popping up everywhere. Such cool plants these are.

Does this still counts as Europe?

Just like that next to a bus stop.

When reaching the top of the hill, I a car stops next to me. With two guys sitting in front. One of them speaks Russian and so I kinda try to look like I understand him. Seemed like I was on their property or a road there. I explained where I am trying to go and they showed me where their are getting water from the mountain and I have filled my bottle, than they drove me to their place to show me the beautiful view and the way I should continue to reach my destination.

How lucky one has to be to have a house with views like this.

Adjaran nature at its best

And now I am finally getting into the investment ideas I came across. But wait for it, it ain't that easy yet.

So, as I am walking back to Batumi from another hill, I start to see this signs everywhere on empty gardens. They seemed very same if not identical. But in Georgian and written by hand. Level - unreal.

Really... Is that a way how to sell a property?

This one is prepared for international clients.

Such adverts were almost on every corner and so I have captured all of them to later send them carefully translated message, asking for their price. None of them replied.

Luckily My landlord spoke little English and he told me it is about 30 dollars a square meter. Not bad right. Sadly I don't have that kind of money, but if I was really sitting on some unused cash, I would be building a summer house right now right there.